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    Data Usage Warnings

    I used to get a a long range data warning, but now I get no warnings at all, I know the laws changed about this, but thought it would be better, not disappear entirely. Is there any way to activate or even set a limit for when I'm at a particular amount of data left?
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    High level Cell C contacts?

    In the last few months I have had, (on two separate occasions) fraudulent contracts added to my account. And in both situations I have had to fight Cell C to refund me the money for these accounts I never signed up for. Repeated phone calls were required to get anything done. I'm still waiting...
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    Web Africa vs MWEB uncapped

    I'm currently on MWEB 1mb premium uncapped, which gets throttled after 100gb in a 30 day period. I changed to the 2mb standard package (at no cost difference) and instantly got throttled because the standard 2mb package has a throttle after 70gb, and I usualy use about 80gb per month. At...
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    Using an iPhone 5 in the USA

    I'm going to New York for two weeks and would like to use my iPhone whilst over there. I have an iPhone 5 on Cell C, does Cell C network lock their iPhones or can I just buy a prepaid nano sim when I'm there and use that instead?
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    iPhone Push Notifications Not working

    I have an iPhone 4 on Virgin, I have made sure all my Push settings are on, but I do not get any, especially from Whatsapp and Facebook, the two I really want them from. Tried resetting my Network Settings, changing the DNS server to and a few other things, but nothing works. This...
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    Virgin Mobile iPhone voicemail settings?

    I have recently changed from MTN to Virgin and when i don't answer the phone, when it rings out, it just says "Call error" and the person calling isn't given the option to leave a message. Does anybody know the #number* combination that i need to type in to set it to go to voice mail, and...