High level Cell C contacts?


Jul 22, 2008
In the last few months I have had, (on two separate occasions) fraudulent contracts added to my account. And in both situations I have had to fight Cell C to refund me the money for these accounts I never signed up for. Repeated phone calls were required to get anything done. I'm still waiting for a refund from a fraudulent account I notified you about on the 5th of August.

I am beyond frustrated at dealing with Customer service agents, and even team leaders that promise to either resolve this or promise to call me back with no follow through.

Does anybody know if there is somebody higher than just their call center agents who can actually make things happen after all the shocking customer service that I have received?

(And yes, I have repeatedly posted on their Facebook wall and Hello peter which just results in more empty promises)


Cell C Representative
Company Rep
Sep 7, 2010
Hi KingLuc

We have noted your concerns and would appreciate an opportunity to assist.

Please respond with your contact number and our Escalations team will be in touch to address your cocnerns and remedy the situation.



Expert Member
Apr 17, 2016
Do all companies have a special button on their keyboards that types the above response?

But seriously get registered with one of the credit vetting companies and they will alert you immediately to any activity where your credit history is checked. They have the ability to flag them as suspicious and thus the networks will get an immediate rejection. It may inconvenience you when trying to take out a contract as there will be multiple verifications that need to be done to prove its you.