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    Looking for Cloubpbx that integrates with Zoho

    HI Guys I am looking for a CloudPBX that will integrate with Zoho telephony, do we know of any local providers that will offer this service? Thanks Kitty
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    Iphone help

    The phone was on my Apple ID account from the time it was purchased, I am sure they can pick this up.
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    Iphone help

    Inside job - we knew who it was. We just needed to catch him out - thing is once he got a few warm ones, he ran away and now we don't know where he is, but when I reset the phone, I can see his icloud email there from what is visible.
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    Iphone help

    Hey guys. What can I do if I have recovered a stolen iPhone but it has the thieves icloud account hence it has an activation lock on it? And it seems he got my details and removed the phone from my Apple profile. Surely Apple will have a record of this ! Any thoughts on how I can sort this out...
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    Throttled even in the new month

    Hello There, this issue of getting throttled at the end of the month and the same throttle carrying over to the new month has started again. Why can't you fix this ?
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    Porting 087 and other voip provider numbers

    So geographic numbers from any provider can be ported ? Even Voip providers ?
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    Web Africa blocking SIP / UDP Traffic from 3rd Party Telecom Providers

    Good to see Webafrica respond here and quick as well. My email has at times gone unanswered for a week or so. I suspect selective support.
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    Grandstream - PBX : Product and Setup

    What brand is you pbx ?
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    Porting 087 and other voip provider numbers

    HI Guys I have been told that 087 porting is not allowed, is this correct ? We would like to port away some numbers we have with Mweb. thanks Kitty
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    Throttled even in the new month

    The challenge continues, still, the issue is not sorted. They read my messages on WhatsApp and ignore it. I have now decided to ask all the other ISPs for a trial account on their respective Facebook pages while explaining my dilemma .- let us see which one helps me out - the one that comes...
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    Throttled even in the new month

    At 13:34 Jenny Mariya Paul via Afrihost live chat promised to move my ticket to the one hour queue, I am still waiting for an email acknowledging that they attending to the issue, this issue will drag on till Monday, but the arrogant Afrihost will not explain why.
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    Throttled even in the new month

    Afrihost I was throttled on 30 May due to reaching cap, today 01 June I am still throttled. The support staff have no clue how to sort out the problem and the operator via live chat comments that someone will only attend to it on Monday. Kitty
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    Asset Tracking

    Hi Guys I am looking for companies we can subscribe to, to montor over 100+ tablets we have on the field. We looking for some stick on type of device, does anyone in SA do this ? Thanks Kitty.
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    Traffic in morning from Capetown Airport to UCT

    Hi Guys What is the traffic like in the morning from Airport to UCT ? Flight lands at 8:15am. Need to be at UCT at 9:15, will I make it ? Thanks Kitty.