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    Pure DSL Openserve & Vox

    I placed an order for pure uncapped DSL on the 7th of June 2020 with Vox. I have called and emailed them various times to inquire about my order since they have not provided me with any feedback. Last week I even emailed Openserve to find out when I can expect to have the line installed but...
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    Pure DSL

    Do you perhaps know what the expected waiting time is for an order in the Parklands (Cape Town) area? I placed an order on the 7th of June and I have received no feedback or updates as yet. My order is through Vox and they just say they can't do anything because they have to wait for OpenServe...
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    Naked ADSL Telkom - worth it?

    Does anyone have experience with Telkom's new "naked ADSL"? I would really appreciate any feedback. Is it worth it? Is the speed good, etc? (p.s. I would love to have fibre but that is not an option at the moment as I stay in a complex with an unaccommodating managing agent).
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    Project Managers Essential ?

    I understand that fibre network providers (Frogfoot, Octotel, SADV, etc) are still running during this lockdown time but does anyone know if their project managers are still working?
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    Fibre installation estimate

    Which fibre company did you use?
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    Fibre installation estimate

    The company still has to come to the complex to have a look and then submit a proposal. So I was just curious if the whole process is going to take weeks, or months or maybe years, perhaps
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    ADSL Available or Discontinued?

    I stay in Parklands, close to the Sandown Checkers, and I want to know when ADSL lines will be discontinued or if they have already been discontinued in the area? Any information would be very helpful on this matter.
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    Fibre installation estimate

    I stay in a small complex in Parklands and we want to get Fibre installed in the complex for 20 units. Can anyone tell me how long this whole process may take more or less?
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    How to BYPASS Body Corporate

    It's not Parklands Estate. Five different ISP's have confirmed that the complex does not have fibre and there is no ETA or any plans for future development. Hence why I wrote the post asking for help.
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    How to BYPASS Body Corporate

    I am legitly asking for help. If you can't help - please go somewhere else
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    How to BYPASS Body Corporate

    I'm just stating what the administrator of the body corporate says to me
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    How to BYPASS Body Corporate

    You can say what you want but I have proof of it all...
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    How to BYPASS Body Corporate

    The matter has been discussed at the last 4 AGMs and the owners voted in favour of fibre two years ago...
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    What are my rights (as a homeowner in a complex)?

    At the AGM owners voted in favor of fibre (two years ago) and that has still not materialized. What can I do?
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    How to BYPASS Body Corporate

    No one can sell or rent because the entire Parklands has fibre except for our complex. Even having more people on my side is not swaying the body corporate to do their job.