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    Vodacom blocking http sites

    Has anyone else come across this? Vodacom appears to be blocking data to many sites over http. The same sites work over https. If you have Vodacom on their default APN test it by going to or Both of these appear to be blocked but work if you go to https. The...
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    Vodacom blocking streaming services

    We're having a similar issue. I've noticed http traffic on domains appear to be blocked by Vodacom. I've tried a few sites, including Both do not resolve on the default APN with Vodacom. The reason we discovered this is some legacy API calls are...
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    Slow server Ping

    Hi All, Just an update. I opened tickets with both 1-Grid and Reflex (I was incorrect when I said it was Elite Hosting). Yesterday morning I woke up to find the ping rate was now around 19ms which is a lot more acceptable. Neither of them have replied or closed the ticket, so at this stage I...
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    Slow server Ping

    Full traceroute below: 1 ( 0.594 ms 0.584 ms 0.804 ms 2 ( 0.565 ms 0.558 ms 0.780 ms 3 ( 0.633 ms 0.861 ms 1.087 ms 4 ( 1.106...
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    Slow server Ping

    Hi All, So a traceroute reveals the slow ping area are some servers it goes through in the US. Any way for 1-Grid to change the route? Or is this something outside of their control? I have contacted "" regarding it and am waiting for them to get back to me. 5...
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    Slow server Ping

    Thanks for the responses guys. Not really what I want to me hearing! Our DB is around 110GB and files around 360GB and we can't afford much down time. Would need to be a very structured migration. Will wait to see if 1-Grid can do something otherwise we really will have to look at moving.
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    Slow server Ping

    Hi All, We have a dedicated server with 1-Grid in Cape Town. We send a requests to an outside server, which happens to be with EliteHosting in JHB. At peak times the requests are as often as 15 requests per second. On the server the request takes between 0.6s and 1.5s. When I run the same...
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    Telkom LTE Port Forwarding for CCTV

    Hi All, I have the Telkom LTE Uncapped deal with the Huawei B351s (from the bottom of the device). I also have a new Hikvision CCTV system. I have setup the Hikvision DVR as a fixed IP which I can see over my network (from the PC and mobile phone). However, I'm trying to figure out how...
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    Replacement for Xperia Z3 Compact

    Hi, I purchased a Xperia Z3 Compact from Orange online store a few months ago. After about 3 months all photos it was taking where out of focus. Eventually I sent it back to Orange to repair. I got informed today that they have lost it. But they have offered me a refund, or a replacement...
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    Telkom - Capped vs Uncapped

    Hi, I've been lurking for a long time but finally have a question to ask. I need to remote desktop into a machine in Europe for work so need a connection that is responsive and reliable. I currently have Telkom Uncapped 4Mb line which is good and works for what I need it to do. My modem...