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    Porting of golden number

    Hi Guys, Is it possible to port a golden number eg. 0800? Thanks
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    Video entertainment in South Africa - no DStv or TV licence required

    Lets be honest here, the price of the tv license is not that much. The savings you get from purchasing a tv vs monitor more than offsets the tv license expense. So, stream, buy a tv and get on with it.
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    Mikrotik layer2 failover

    Ok I actually got it working. Was stupid easy. Just set the backup port on RB1 bridge to a higher path cost. And bippity boppitty boom, elvis has left the room.
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    Mikrotik layer2 failover

    Hi all, I need some help please. I need to configure a layer 2 failover on a network running all mikrotiks. Setup is as follows: RB1 is our Main router board with wan breakout. RB2 is connected to RB1 via fiber RB3 is connected to RB2 via fiber RB4 is connected to RB3 via fiber, and also...
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    11GHZ Spectrum Prices

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    11GHZ Spectrum Prices

    Hi Guys, Can anyone assist with giving a rough estimate of pricing of the 11GHz spectrum from ICASA. This link is in a low density area, and will be about 13km. Looking to run around 40MHz on the bandwidth side. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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    Openserve Metro Ethernet

    Hi Guys, Looking for someone willing to assist with procuring a 1Gbps Metro Ethernet Layer 2 connection. Feasibility has been done, and is viable. But I need someone willing to push for the installation asap. The link needs to be done from Rural Town to Teraco Isando. Struggling to get decent...
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    NAPAfrica questions

    Hi guys, What exactly is the goal of interconnecting with NAPAfrica? As I understand it is to provide a shorter, more direct route to other peers on NA, thereby reducing the use of your upstream bandwidth? Is this correct? Also, if you were to only peer with NA, would you theoretically be able...
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    Building ISP Fibre Network

    Can anyone enlighten me as to how exactly a neighborhood fibre network is built. Is there a single fibre cable to each premises from the distribution box? Is there a switch in the distribution box? Or does everyone have a direct fibre link to main exchange? How do they get a cable from the...
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    Looking for wholesale bandwidth via microwave in remote area

    Hi guys Anybody willing to help please. We need 500mbps-1gbps link for aggregation to our clients in a remote area via microwave. We have a 60m mast available for use. We are located in the delmas area. Have contacted liquid, bitco, is and bunch of other guys and nobody seems willing to help...
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    Who can help trench & connect 3 sites with fibre?

    Hi Guys, I need to connect 3 sites with respective fibre connections. Site one is in clayville (olifantsfontein) and have dark fibre running right past them. Site 2 is close to the sundra offramp on the N12, not sure how close the closest fibre/dark fibre is. I do kno however that dark fibre...
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    Mikrotik Bandwidth Priority

    Yeah. PCQ + Queue tree is the way to go. Basically it divides the bandwidth between every device connected. So 1 device gets 100%, 2 devices will get 50/50 and so forth. But, using priorities in said queues you can give higher priorities to certain ips/protocols etc. Worked nicely for my problem
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    Getting Fiber to remote area

    Ok, so lets say money is no object (I wish). And I wanted to get a fiber connection to a remote town. Round about 2gbps. Who would one contact to do the planning, trenching etc to get the physical cable from DFA cable run to my property? Nearest DFA runs about 20km from said town. Then, if the...
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    Mikrotik Bandwidth Priority

    @websquadza Whoa thanks for all the info. Will get stuck in. Got the coffee pot brewing, diving goggles on, pizza on its way. Wish me luck.