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    Webafrica throttling torrents on RAIN

    I would strongly advise anyone against getting LTE-A through webafrica if you are planning to make use of p2p. Torrents are being throttled to +/- 100 kB/s, everything else seems to be working fine. It's kind of ridiculous if you take into consideration that you are on a *very* small...
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    Wireless security beams - placement

    Hi All, I'm in the process of adding outdoor security PIRs to our yard. I was basically deadset on these Takex ones with 180 degree cover MS12FE until I found out they are not "masking proof". My idea was to put them against the boundary walls - facing towards the house ( there's quite...
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    Webafrica LTE-A Horrible Performance the standard?

    Hi all, What speeds are you guys experiencing? I've been using the device now for about a week (instead of 10Mb ADSL), the speeds are usually hovering at around 4Mbps/5Mbps... what a downgrade when compared to a an already slow 10Mbps DSL connection. Is this the standard? I'm getting...
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    New TV - KU7350 any good?

    Hi all, We're looking to buy a new TV, it must however be through Makro since I converted my e-bucks into vouchers :-\ I can't find any reviews of this exact model, is it any good? KU7350 I'm only find review for the KU7500 range. Makro got it on special for R12999 Most of the time...
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    Calling all builders, property agents - Buying/building for the first time

    Hey all, I'm 26 and finally in the position to buy property. After days of reading and research I still have no idea what to do. I've got around R300k for deposit and able to put a maximum of R13k per month. In case I'm building, I'm able to get all the building bricks free of charge...