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    Telkom Soft Cap

    I want to go for the telkom soft cap 40GB for R149. I have a few questions though. 1. Will I be able to use it when I'm away from home? 2. How much are the additional costs (installation)? 3. Is the night surfer uncapped? 4. Will i be able to use it from my phone? 5. Is it a good...
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    How to get a website to go live

    I just got hosting and a domain from axxess, i installed wordpress and immediately wrote a blog post and published it. the problem is when i go to the site, it says "this site is hosted by axxess and is still under development. i contacted axxess and was told that for my blog to go live, i would...
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    The difference between adsl and other network providers

    i just recently bought a laptop and registered a vodacom contract which gives me 2GB per month for R110. i dont know if this is the best deal because on a recent article, i just saw you could get 20GB for R50. how does this adsl thing work, and will it work for me if i live in a rural area?