1. K

    Macbook M1 - SA availability

    Afternoon Y'all. I want to find out, has anyone been able to get their hands on a new Macbook Pro/Air M1? I'm on the waitlist online and at two stores since end-November, and all that anyone can tell me is that they don't know when they are getting stock in?
  2. Sudo Panic

    What silly lockdown restriction has delayed your 2020?

    We decided to buy a house. Transfer fees were paid and paperwork was signed off, from there it went to the deads office where it remained for the next 3 months. Our lease was meant to expire at the end of February 2020. We then spoke to the rental agency and they were willing to extend the...
  3. Sudo Panic

    Looking to purchase a laptop for University - Programming, Web development, Media encoding etc

    Hey guys compliments of the season :) I am looking to purchase a new laptop for Uni (App Development). Context I've been stuck for the past two days in making a decision and wanted to know if you guys could help me out. So I'm not looking to be spoon fed it's just that this is a lot of cash...
  4. hjst45

    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2020 bug crash

    Hi everyone, Can someone please keep up posted when a fix is released for the 2020 bug? I know WWE has already been patched, but couldn't find any statement from EA regarding a Star Wars fix. Not too keen on changing my pc's date every time just to play the game... As far as I know: 1) The...
  5. Fulcrum29

    Super Rugby 2020

    SCHEDULE DOWNLOAD => https://super.rugby/superrugby/fixtures/2020-super-rugby-fixtures/ https://super.rugby/superrugby/news/super-rugby-2020-match-schedule-released/