1. foozball3000

    Why is this Kitchen such a mess?

    We've all been young and wanted to treat our parents to a nice cooked breakfast in bed at some point. From our point of view, this made our parents very happy and they should feel honoured on their special day. But now as adults we understand that the reality of this nice gesture comes with...
  2. RedViking

    Short Films

    Have you seen some good short films. Usually 5 - 10 minutes long films. It doesn't have to be animations, but those are the ones I enjoy:
  3. T

    DIY 3D Printers using Raspberry Pi

    Hi guys, Has anyone here built a 3D printer using a Raspberry Pi, if so what is the part list and where did you get said parts from? Also is it cheaper to DIY one or buy one? Reason for asking is I'm in the process of getting a Raspberry Pi and it would be a nice project. TIA
  4. V


    Hi everyone I am looking for advice on buying a 3D printer for a beginner. Since it is a gift and something to start off with, a good price too. Any advice, links to where I can buy online etc will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. RedViking

    DA to lay criminal charges against SAP and CAD House

    Has anyone made use of CAD House services for the 3D equipment or projects? I tried to buy filament from this 'company' a couple of times but found their website to be very slow and disorganised. Luckily I have never been successful in getting what I needed and bought it somewhere else. Didn't...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    3D television is dead… so what next?

    3D television is dead… so what next? Back in 2010 Sony Australia’s Paul Colley forecasted that a large percentage of Australian viewers would have 3D televisions by 2014. In the same year, industry pundits such as Simon Murray predicted that sales of 3D TVs were set to increase in the...
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Why 3D glasses aren’t included with your movie ticket

    Why 3D glasses aren’t included with your movie ticket Why aren’t 3D glasses included in the price of a 3D movie ticket and why don’t I receive a pair automatically when going to watch a 3D movie?
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    3D platform can replace lab animals

    3D platform can replace lab animals Every year, approximately 20 million animals are used in scientific research – with zebrafish ranking as a favourite in labs.
  9. S

    Maximum System Memory on Motherboards

    I'd like to know if I'm misssing something on why do top spec & high end Intel motherboards support as much as 128G memory(Asus X99 Socket LGA2011-v3 ATX Motherboard (X99-E)) vs 32G limit on AMD based motherboards (Asus Sabertooth AMD 990FX Socket AM3+ ATX Motherboard). Because such limits...
  10. M

    Application for designing wood work schematics?

    I looking to start doing some home DIY projects. I'm looking for a simple, preferably free, program to help me design wood work schematics in 3D. For example I want to design a cat box/playhouse for the kitty cat. Thanks
  11. M

    Project Beyond

    Project Beyond from Samsung is a 360° 3D panoramic camera that works with the Gear VR