absa down

  1. C

    Verified by Visa - ABSA Problem

    Hi guys. I've had this problem for quite a while now, where whenever I try to do online shopping and the website goes to "acsabsa.bankserv.co.za" it doesn't respond, and then I cannot get the sms to finalize my purchase. I'm not in the mood to call ABSA, because I know their questions are...
  2. vorman

    ABSA app Verification Check

    Helping a family member out here. I don't use ABSA so I don't know. When making payments online or using the app, ABSA sends a verification to a primary device to authorize the transaction. This person always makes payments to usual beneficiaries and the authorization thing never comes up when...
  3. DeSLAM

    ABSA online banking down again at month end - April 2018

    Why is blABSA going down so regularly at month end? Are they also striking? https://mybroadband.co.za/news/banking/257611-absa-mobile-app-and-internet-banking-problems.html