1. A

    Short Term Rentals

    ive read that home sharing short term rentals like airbnb are still not allowed. is it still the case? would airbnb be allowed in an apartment block where common property is shared by the various residents? can you airbnb at all now and does home-sharing fall under common property shared among...
  2. L

    How much notice should I give to vacate accomodation on expiration of my lease

    Contract Details This agreement will run for 3 months from 1 May 2016 to 1 August 2016. A 3 months notice period is in place on cancellation of this agreement , giving the landlord two weeks after tenant vacates to pay back deposit, if no damages or losses were incurred. My question: I...
  3. S

    Mabula Private Game Reserve 1 to 8 May

    Item name (be very descriptive): Mabula timeshare option week 18 (full week starting on first Friday in May annually.) Private sale, ownership will be transferred to your name. Also available for occupancy only for this year (1 to 8 May) as a breakaway. Fully serviced, self catering Bush...
  4. N

    Where to live in Jhb - Near Sandton

    Fellow forumites, I am in need of assitance, I am possibly moving to Jhb for work, specifically Alice Lane in Sandton. I know Jhb to some extent, but not wrt where to live. I would like a nice,safe, residential area, not too much hustle, bustle and traffic. Maybe like a...
  5. IridiuM

    High IQ roommates wanted :)

    Wazzup guys! Is there anyone out there looking for a place to stay in Pretoria East? Bought myself a mansion :D a few years ago and I'm sick of chilling in this crib alone. Got 4 rooms available. Undercover parking. Uncapped Internet of course, main line, backup line and 3g. DSTV premium...