1. antowan

    Telkom LTE and mail server IP not resolving

    Anybody have issues like this yesterday and today? Telkom LTE and mail server IP not resolving
  2. M

    New botnet infects cryptocurrency mining computers, replaces wallet address

    New botnet infects cryptocurrency mining computers, replaces wallet address
  3. wrinklyo

    Question about new Telkom Unlimited Home ADSL

    Hi, I have an old telkom dialup contract which I kept because I didn't want to lose my email address. Now I want to upgrade to Home Unlimited ADSL from Telkom, which includes line rental and calls etc, but I want to know if I will still keep my email address if I do this? I tried emailing...
  4. NGinCreator

    Proof of address issues

    Hi guys. Haven't logged in in a while. I want to change my address on my bank account (FNB) as it is currently not accurate. However my bank only accepts "Lease Agreement, Water and Rates municipal statements, SABC TV License, Multichoice Dstv statement, E-toll statements , Retail store...
  5. J

    What suburb for an address?

    Hi - anyone out there have a way of checking what suburb you actually live in? Based on different searches of nearby facilities/addresses, and a few different mechanisms, I get Sandton, Bryanston, Witkoppen (all sorts of extensions), Maroeladal (also all sorts of extensions) and Glen Nerine...
  6. LazyLion

    Is Vodacom really "updating their customker database"???

    I had a phone call from a lady this morning. She claimed outright that she was from Vodacom and was "updating their customer database" I asked her how do really know she is from Vodacom, and she said they already have a lot of my details on their database. She already had my cellphone type...
  7. A

    Looking for Wedding Photo Shoot Location in Tembisa

    Hey all, I am photographing a wedding on December 10th in Tembisa. I have 2 issues that I need to resolve: 1. I have no idea where the wedding is being held. The address I have been given makes no sense. Not even Google knows where this venue is. I had to request more information from the...
  8. M

    FICA - best "account" to open

    Okay, I continually need forms for residential verification, be it RICA or FICA or whatever. I don't get mail coming to my house, mainly because our complex doesn't have mailboxes and most of my bills are electronic. Any snail mail goes to my PO box. My house is in my wife's name, so all the...
  9. M

    Man Calls 911, Doesn't Know His Address

  10. M

    Oops, wrong address: Stolen phones sent to FBI