1. M

    Ad targeters are pulling data from your browser’s password manager

    New research shows an alarming new way to track web users Source
  2. OmarSalie

    Testing money making site

    nothing special for those who saw the post, ignore it.
  3. Kevin Lancaster

    Do you think companies should show ads or sell user data?

    If a company provides a free online service, would you rather it show you adverts or sell your user data to third-party companies?
  4. nemo415

    Afrihost to no longer offer capped packages <100GB

    Got this email from Afrihost, and noticed a few weeks ago I could not sign up for a new 20GB package. Looks like I need to take my R29 bucks to Axxess
  5. werfie

    Have You Ever Benifited from Ads?

    Have You Ever Benefited from Ads? So in light of this thread: Has anyone actually ever benefited from the type of ads we see on MyBB and other sites? Seen a printer, car, software package, bank...
  6. medicnick83

    Gumtree Users... Please!

    Please allow me to VENT !!! :mad: I don't often use Gumtree but when I do, I do my level best to provide as much information as possible regarding the item I'm selling because I don't feel like doing double work - I'm one of those "work smarter, not harder" type of guys. I mean, I take...
  7. J

    Music from ad

    Hi guys My cousin is looking for a song, something that she remembers being played during her final school years, around 1998. It was a Springbok (rugby I assume) advert and, I quote, "dit het rerige springbokke in gehad". The ad music was not in English, ie therefore foreign, and was quite...
  8. F

    mybroadband, viewing it for the first time without adblock ..

    .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  9. QuintonB

    Google may pay up to display ads

    Search engines may be charged to display ads News media companies in Spain will be able to charge search engines such as Google for displaying copyrighted content under a new law proposed by the Spanish government on Friday.
  10. E

    Ads Everywhere

    Hi everyone. I've attached a screenshot of the mybroadband forum page. You will see there are certain words highlighted in green and underlined. when you hover over those it gives a link to "discover8media". I've also found a program called surff and keeeppp in my installed programs list. Now my...
  11. antowan

    Are the KFC 'Built large for the man in charge' ads misogynistic?

    Stumbled upon this comment by Tom Eaton: "Each time the new KFC "Built large for the man in charge" ad airs I see some new ****ed up misogynist undertone. What is WRONG with men?" Opinions?
  12. K

    News24 being plastered with ads!

    When did News24 decide to whore itself out? Geez, dunno if my ad-blocker is failing me, or if this is a new development, but I counted over 14 different ads on the main page alone! Geez, first their reporting isn't first class, but the site was alright, and now that too has gone out die...
  13. J

    Amazon offers fee to opt out of ads on Kindle

    Kindle users – pay more to drop ads Amazon allow users to pay a fee to opt out of advertisements on the new Kindle Fire tablets
  14. M

    How to edit/remove ads

    How do I edit/remove an ad that I placed? I find it strange that there are no tools to allow this. Unless I'm missing something?
  15. J

    Facebook Landing Page and Flash Ad Help

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to help me to create a kickass Facebook landing page and to help with overall graphics designs and Flash Ad creation. I've started a website and company called Recommend Me! Facebook Page currently: Cheers...
  16. B

    You Eat My Baby!!!

    I think the new KFC Boxmaster commercial will go down in SA TV history, along with the Nando's commercial with the old lady walking into the pole, the Cremora "It's not inside, it's on... top" commercial and the "Si..ri..yas" ad. I think like 10 of my FB friends had "You eat ma...
  17. medicnick83

    OMG! This 5fm ad!

    This f'ing ad is driving me crazy! It's this lipton tea ad where the ad ends with "Tea can do that" 5fm plays it all the time and my boss is irratating me because he starts saying "Tea can do that" to everything, then he stops... it gets quiet and then 5fm plays the fscking ad again and he...