1. S

    AJAX not posting dropdown list items to PHP script

    Hi, I hope someone can help me. I am trying to post drop down selection code to a PHP scrip using AJAX, but it's not being sent to the PHP script. Here's the AJAX code: <script> function createNew() { $("#add-more").hide(); var data = `<tr class="table-row"...
  2. newklear

    Load jQuery text file top to bottom on HTML [ Solved ]

    Howdy doodee!, need some pointers please Situation: I have a text file that is updated one line at a time. I can change the order of how each line is saved in the text file (i.e inserted at beginning of file or end of text file). Using text matches if line is a repeat, the line is deleted and...
  3. J

    Mid Level System Engineer

    Full time position working for a service company specializing in Automation and Temperature Monitoring systems. You will work as a System Engineer writing and maintaining code for this system. Different tasks will include Working on windows services with technologies such as MariaDB/Mysql...
  4. L

    C# .Net Developer

    no longer available
  5. DrJohnZoidberg

    Serving JSON

    Hey all codemasters! I am struggling to get my head around something so trivial. I have an already formatted JSON file, I want to make this available as a service for our web developer to be able to make ajax calls to. It is giving him cross domain errors though when he tries to call it as...
  6. G

    Manchester United vs Ajax Tickets

    Hey! Does anybody know when these go on sale and where you will be able to get them from?
  7. K


    Sup, are any of you using jQuery? Is it any different or does it compliment Ajax? Also, what is your view on WPF?
  8. E

    Looking for a developer

    Hi I need someone to do an integration (templates and some, limited functionality) between Wordpress and an ecommerce package I have purchased. Essentially I need someone who is well versed in php, wordpress customisation, smarty templates, ajax and css and mysql databases. Please PM your...
  9. G

    jQuery advice please

    Noob fyi. Ok so I've got a php page that writes out listings from a database into table format. Lets say I've got 2 <td>'s per row. One is contains a usercode and one contains a name. I want each name to be clickable so that the <td> content changes to a textfield where you can change...
  10. B

    Skilled Extjs developer to help with system development

    Hi! We are looking for one or two programmers to help with programming and customizing our web based system. The ideal candidate must have the following qualities: - Is responsive and available to start immediately - Be able to work fast yet diligently - Team Player - Must have strong...
  11. M

    Steven Taylor to Arsenal

    Anybody else heard anything about that. Heard about Ajax guy Vermaaelen for $10m or so
  12. Kloon

    Web2.0 Standards

    So my question is this, with ajax becomming a standard nowadays and all fancy things being done to websites with javascript is enabling javascript on your browser a must? I have read that some people prefer to disable javascript due to being afraid of attacks through it. Must you develop your...