1. Stonerjoy

    South African Exchanges

    Why is South Africans trading in a Bubble ? All Buy-in and Sell Prices has a nice Margin compared to what it should be. I took the liberty of checking out all our so called Exchanges and found a basic Arbitrators Heaven for who ever behind them. Its scam Trading 101 Lets take AltcoinTrader...
  2. T

    Altcointrader lost all my bitcoin money overnight

    I have had 2,5 bitcoins. Overnight all my money was gone. Someone trade all my money until there was nothing left. According to altcointrader my account was not hacked and did someone had my username and password - that is impossible - in was not born yesterday and not even my husband know...
  3. A

    Altcointrader auto trade

    Hello everyone, for 3 months now I have been trading Altco-Intrader with a bot, I can’t imagine how to work without it. Software description copy-paste We are a team of WEB developers. Recent months have been actively developing an application for trading cryptocurrency on various exchanges...
  4. C


    I'm stuck with altcointrader, i have been with them for nearly 3yrs without any issue, until this Saturday 24th when i deposited large sum of R250,000 and it was credited to my account same day as always from fnb to fnb, i decide to buy stellar coins and my transaction was completed with them...
  5. Z

    Altcointrader suspicious/scam with XRP deposits

    So i had small mining payout and converted it on binance to ripple (xrp). I then sent the xrp to the deposit address on altcointrader. By default, 20 xrp is used to activate a wallet, however on altcoinitrader they don't show you this 20xrp and just deduct it completely from your balance...
  6. T

    Altcointrader BCH trading Problem

    Good Day Im trading with altcointrader. Recently I bought an amount of BCH on altcointrader. After a few days when i try to sell it the trade doesnt go through. The page just refreshes but nothing happens. I can trade other coins on altcointrader but i specifically cant sell the BCH i had...