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    ATM bombed in Midrand, South Africa

    Another day another bomb goes off in anarchic South Africa. I swear, the "freedom fighters" are harder at work now then they were during the apartheid years. And the 'best' part is: everyone in SA is used to this. It is hardly any news for them. Never mind headline news. WTF...
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    Frustrated couple take on robbers.

    20x Do I read that right? Why are they still staying there? ha ha ha Certainly, this gives a new meaning to the saying: "If you are dumb you must suffer" WTF
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    Petrol jockey beaten to death.

    WTF Cape Town - A petrol attendant died after he was allegedly assaulted with a plank by a motorist for refusing to fill up the man’s tank. Lawrence Mandipazano was assaulted at about 6.40am on Tuesday at the...
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    Councillor threatened with garden pick.

    Some more news from the New South Africa. What is a man without his knife :D
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    Shock over elderly couple’s brutal killing

    WTF It looks like in South Africa there is no room left for old, white people. I wonder what the reason for the gruesome murders was. But then again, savages are everywhere (in South Africa that is).
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    Zille Intern and girlfriend shot dead in Delft

    WTF Another multiple homicide in South Africa. I wonder if one should still bother expressing his disgust. This is the NEW South Africa for you. Enjoy the ride :)
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    Journalist assaulted by police in South Africa

    I see a big civil claim coming. Police saving an ANC councillor, from a angry mob, get snapped by newspaper photographer and decide to arrest him. Clearly, the ANC big shot has a good relationship with the local...
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    ANC turns the screws on the free SA press !

    Viva ANC Viva. Viva COSATU Viva. Viva the free press Viva. Oops, not the press :D Not in South AFRICA anymore :( Like with most other African countries and dictatorships, the press is the enemy. WTF...
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    In South Africa no one is safe from robbers

    Why go to some place looking to rob someone if you can phone the people you want to rob and ask them to come to you. WTF - robbing people the South African way.
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    6 siblings executed with AK-47's in South Africa.

    And who was that moron saying a few days ago "South Africa is a safe country"? WTF Clearly, whichever monkey said that must indeed have very low safety standards.