1. Solarion

    Farm Murders – ‘Terror’ Lekota getting very angry in Parliament – video

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  2. A refuse to replace faulty goods

    I bought a 7” Gobii tablet from Kalahari for my daughter’s birthday & problems soon emerged. During charging the tablet with the charger provided, I heard a popping sound, after which the charger stopped working. Using my Samsung 2A cell phone charger it takes 10 hours to charge & therefore...
  3. B

    Afrihost Capabilities?

    I've recently been very disappointed with Afrihost's capabilities. They have let me down in so many ways. I was working with a client to prepare the launch of a new website and updating server files and content daily. Then they moved the shared hosting to a new hosting server without informing...
  4. C

    Received my Vodacom bill today!!!

    Hi Guys Need your help on how to resolve this issue with vodacom. On 28 February 2014 I upgraded my contract to Red Advantage (R999pm) 700 minutes Limitless sms 700Mb data So received my bill for March and I am being charged (R1900 just for my data). I checked on my Iphone and...
  5. S

    Cmon Iburst

    100 days are over and still not an inkling of change at Iburst. Is there any chance we can find out when to expect changes or is this just a case of hoping we will forget and live with it. Shaun we all love you but ultimately I am feeling let down by the product here!!!:mad:
  6. M

    Friday People Angrier Than Monday People, Study Says

  7. M

    Angry chimp hurls rocks at visitors

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  8. S

    I'm sick of iTunes... (v8)