axxess dsl

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    Just DSL Axxess order Just Hanging

    Hi Please tell me why is it taking so long to schedule an install date, because no one has ever called me from Openserve advising me of a date for installation. I've been waiting since December 15, here's my Openserve Technician CSB reference number 487411-63. Regards
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    Does anyone have experience of axxess dsl?

    I have been offered Axxess DSL, which runs on the Telkom network. Has anyone had experience of whether the service meets the advertised promises?
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    Axxess revised T's&C's

    No more simultaneous up and downgrading of data packages. Perhaps I should ask why it took until the end of November 2017. I never raised it as a perk on MyBB because I was hoping the convenience would stay under the radar and last longer. The change? One can no longer conveniently login to...
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    Does anyone have the telkom CEO contact details? or should i go with ICASA?

    Well, never expected to pay and be waiting since december, but took out a voice line over a year ago and this was installed, then thought ADSL is a good idea so in January I signed up for Axxess capped with them managing line rental. At that time telkom suspends the voice account and then...
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    YouTube down or just me?

    Every time I click a video I get this message: I'm on Axxess capped Internet.