1. L

    Database mirroring/backup

    I do not know enough about these things so I am in need of some help here. We have a little XP pc running an interbase server that is in need of some form of rapid recovery plan should it ever die due to hardware failure. Simply having another XP system on standby won't cover things like eg...
  2. E

    IBM AS400 Support

    Afternoon everyone. This is my very first post on the forum, so I hope someone could help me with the following. I am currently assisting a company with a VAT audit and need to get their older financial information from a IBM AS400 box, which is no longer in use. The info is residing on a...
  3. J

    Multi platform enterprice backup

    Morning Guys, The company I work for is looking to replace the current backup software (Commvault) we are looking specifically a multi platform backup system that can provide us with a full server backup solution, We already have a very good laptop and desktop backup system. Any response...
  4. M

    SC2 - Saved games, patches - Where is it stored?

    Hi all, I'm planning on completely re-installing (EDIT: otherwise known as formatting) everything on my PC. Mainly because it came with a bunch of bloatware installed, but I just want a clean fresh start... Now, I just finished the SC2:WOL campaign. The game has been painfully updated (I'm on...
  5. K

    SoHo/SME Backup best practices - Opinions by Experience please

    Dunno if this is the correct sub-forum, but I will give it a try. I would like to hear form the "gesoute" Network Admins on your tips, hints and lessons learned, with regards to CLIENT backups (<100GB). Please focus on BACKUP Solutions, not MIRRORING solutions. I'm currently pondering the...
  6. LazyLion

    The great hard drive space crunch!

    OK, so I have six computers at home (including my laptop)... and then about five removable drives (including my MviX). Total storage space is around 4.75 Terabytes. But I am seriously running out of space! :( The data is pretty well organized with little duplication (and this no...