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  1. B

    BB Curve 9320 vs 9360 which one is best option?

    Hi all My mom can upgrade at vodacom and she really wants a BB. I'm not at all a BB man and don't think a lot of them but really need help from owners with experience with these devices. The curve 9320 is a newer phone which came out mid 2012, it got launched with OS7.1 and it has a big 1450 mAh...
  2. S

    Worse Service Ever VODASCUM again

    To give some context the phone that was originally sent in for repairs was from a contract that was taken out in March 2011, the phone was not even 3 months old when problems arose and we brought it to get booked in for repairs (First job number). About a week and half later we received a call...
  3. C

    Blackberry Bold 9780 opinions needed please

    Hi all, I will be getting my vcom upgrade in less than 30 days. I am considering the BB 9780 but I also found out that the Bold touch will be coming out later this year. And according to sources, it will feature a 640*480 screen res + 1ghz processor. So the question is should I rather wait...
  4. ?

    BB and BES Internet, is it free ?

    Do BB phones that are set-up to sync with a BES server use the BES server’s internet connection for obtaining internet access i.e. our company’s broadband / ADSL router ?
  5. Rouxenator

    BlackBerry Users Restless, Disloyal to Brand,news-6144.html I guess if you build a phone with a windows 3.11 like user interface people will grow bored with it quite soon :p