1. H

    Eskom is blocking foreign ip addresses

    I have a server at Hetzner, polling amongst things, Eskom for load shedding statuses. I recently noted that the script report errors. Same script on my own machine at the same time works perfect. I then loaded the loadshedding website and used private internet access's chrome extension to force...
  2. J

    MyBroadband to change its article comments section

    MyBroadband to change its article comments section MyBroadband is South Africa’s largest IT publication, with over 2 million monthly readers and 8 million pageviews. It is also one of the only large online publishers in South Africa which continues to support article comments - as they add...
  3. C

    Does a phone get blocked if contract not paid

    Hi guys just wanting to find out if I buy a phone cash from someone that they are still paying for and they stop making payments, will the phone get blocked?
  4. D

    email spoofing, passwords and password reminders on MWEB

    I had an interesting session with MWEB. For a good couple months, I have been receiving (a few, not many) notices of returned emails that I had supposedly sent, phishing emails, complete with MWEB logos, requesting me to change passwords because MWEB was busy revamping their security...
  5. M

    It would appear that Mweb is blocking BitTorrent 100%

    I haven't been able to connect to BitTorrent intermittently over the last few days, mainly during daytime. Today however, it's been nearly all day, yet my web browsing is always totally unaffected. So I did a Glasnost test, which a website that tests to see if an ISP is shaping traffic, and...
  6. V

    SSL issues from within office network

    Hi all, we are having a problem accessing our own website from within our office network. Recently we had an SSL certificate installed on our website which is hosted at Afrihost. Since the cert was installed, we dont see our own website properly from inside our office network. Certain...
  7. jes

    Most commonly blocked websites in the world

    Most commonly blocked websites in the world In January OpenDNS released statistics about which websites were commonly blocked — and which websites users were frequently given access to — in 2010.
  8. D

    Some programs can't connect to the internet,Help!!

    Some programs can't connect to the internet on my PC,my browsers work but xfire,steam,utorrent and a bunch of other programs can't connect anymore,i also can't play my games online anymore since they also can't connect.Please help.:cry: