1. Koosie

    Skyworth Binge Android TV box

    Any thoughts on this new box? Price seems great for official Android TV + Chromecast functionality
  2. K


    Hi All I am looking at getting the SONY XPERIA Z5 PREMIUM Has anyone got this phone from MTN yet if so please can you tell me WHAT'S IN THE BOX? Thank you
  3. C

    Wallbox and Patching

    So, I have been given a virtually brand new wall box and and multiple patch panels lay within. HOW do I use it? I have two switches and a router attached to my server, and two switches elsewhere within my office. How do I link everything using the box, without needing a cable for every...
  4. R

    Email clients not logging in, and cancelling password box

    Hi all, A friend of my moms is having problems with her email. She uses the incredimail client to open her absamail and recently its been acting up. What it does is it asks you for the email and password, the email already fille in the password blank, when you make an attempt to interact...
  5. D

    A Good Gaming Box??

    YO :) Does any1 know a good (and goodlooking) gaming box for a not over R600 price??? And maby add a pic if possible.... :P