bsc computer science

  1. V

    BSc:Computing | UNISA | PT or FT while working full time

    Hi there, I am a full time software engineer in Cape Town. My working hours are primarily from 8AM - 4PM. I would like to study through UNISA in 2023. I already have a Diploma in Engineering through CPUT but unfortunately cannot register for a BTech since it's been phased out so if I want to...
  2. Z

    Developer: Should I Do Master Degree??

    Hi Guys, I am a Full stack software developer (Java+Angular) with hounors degree. I have been working for 4 years now. I am thinking of doing Masters degree in software engineering with UNISA. I want to know if it worth it to do master as developer or should i just do lot of certificate like...
  3. R

    BScIT (Computer Science & Bus. management) actually a computer science degree?

    Hi, I'm studying BScIT majoring in Computer Science & Business management at the University of the Free State and I recently started getting paranoid. Will it actually be seen a computer science degree or just as IT? Anyone here that have completed their studies at UFS in one of these...
  4. psradebe

    From BTech in Electrical Engineering to BSc in Computing

    I finally finished my BTech Degree with UNISA in Electrical Engineering. I have had a decent career from a Technician to being a Production Engineer over the years, but my love for Electrical Engineering has faded. Looking back, I have always loved Computers/Programming and I think I would have...
  5. C

    What path should i take??

    Hi there,for the last two years iv'e been doing Bsc Computer Science (3 year) at UWC. Every single subject passed except maths,failed the same module twice.and NOW I'M STUCK.In the beginning of the year they told me if i fail a module twice i will be academically excluded for one whole year. I...