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    System Development NQF Level 5 to a degree/diploma

    Apologises if this is in the wrong thread, I need some advice. If I'm not mistaken the System Development NQF Level 5 qualification is awarded after the completion of most software develpoment learnerships. My current plan is to complete this and associate java certification. Does anyone know...
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    Help with Unisa

    Hi Everyone This is probably a question that's been asked a very great many times at this point. So, 7 years ago, I completed my Matric NSC. Due to a mixture of living very far away, and my parent's unwillingness to make the hour and a half drive to take me to school, throughout my high...
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    BScIT (Computer Science & Bus. management) actually a computer science degree?

    Hi, I'm studying BScIT majoring in Computer Science & Business management at the University of the Free State and I recently started getting paranoid. Will it actually be seen a computer science degree or just as IT? Anyone here that have completed their studies at UFS in one of these...
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    C# and SQL Developer in Wadeville, Germiston

    C# and SQL Developer in Wadeville, Germiston Institution • FMCG manufacturer Location • Wadeville, Germiston Position • Software Developer Responsibilities • Technical support to users of in-house process information systems • Maintenance and configuration of software systems •...
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    BSc Degree?

    I'm currently a C# .Net developer at a large ecommerce company (mainly work with WCF, MVC, ASP.NET - Web forms and SQL and understand OOD and n tier architecture very well), I have been in this roll for just over two years now and I'm thinking of moving. The question I have is that all my...
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    Java Certification is it useful?

    Hey guys, I am deciding to change careers next year by studying a BSC in Computer Science at Wits, now as I save up for it this year I thought it would be useful to start preparing my CV for after I graduate. This in the way of getting a Java Cert through Oracle systems. I have read on...