1. oros

    Telkom free me bundles

    Anyone also noticed when their normal data on telkom is finished, either on prepaid or topup, that when you still have WhatsApp bundles left, that messages don't come through most of the time, you're forced to open the app to check for new messages or to receive them? And also I've noticed that...
  2. S

    How to buy MTN Data Bundles with airtime?

    After 18 years of staying off contracts, I bit the bullet and went down this road again. They had a reasonable deal, with the Xiaomi Mi4 for R199 with some data, on net calls and sms. I just needed a replacement phone without the cash layout for my Huawei Mediapad. Anyway, I buy airtime...
  3. N

    Bundle subscription manage

    Dear Cell C, where/how can I view/change/cancel my current bundle(s) subscription(s). Not finding it on *147# or on my web account
  4. M

    MTN Prepaid Data Bundle Prices Unrealistic

    http://mybroadband.co.za/news/broadband/101218-mtns-secret-fibre-to-the-home-pricing-revealed.html I would switch back to MTN in a wink if they lowered prepaid data prices in line with their opposition. Prepaid customers simply cannot afford their high prices. If others can do it, why not...
  5. N

    MTN 79c prepaid place plan and the PAYG bundle promos - Q&A

    So, after MTN announced the new 79c per minute promo, I went to website to gather more information and also check that I am getting the best prepaid deal(s). I then saw the PAYG Bundles which have the same call rate (79c) but come with added extras. "Dial *141*2*794# and one can select the...
  6. NeonNinja

    MTN Me2U transfer data bundles

    So has anyone been able to transfer data/Internet bundles? The website says you can, the USSD has the internet bundle transfer option. So I phoned MTN, they say it's a misprint, you cannot transfer bundles. WhatTheF? :confused:
  7. D

    Are we content with this

    For SA's "LEADING" network, I find this absolutely disgusting and a slap in the face. Do they think we idiots??
  8. LazyLion

    Easiest way to buy a once off SMS bundle for a Contract Customer?

    My wife has to send a ton of SMS messages in the next two weeks. What is the easiest way for me to buy a once off SMS bundle for her on her Talk 200S (per second) contract? Her number is part of a company group contract account. TIA!
  9. A

    New property. Telkom say no ADSL for 3 months (!). So I need 3G. Best (not cheapest)

    Hi Guys, Just learned that the new house I will be renting has no telkom line (although next door has). Telkom told me that it will take 3 months to install ADSL because it is a 'project' - wtf? - lets not get distracted by that for now I need to select a 3G provider within the next two...