1. Jamie McKane

    The benefits of business versus charity

    The benefits of business versus charity Fixing the world’s problems with sustainable business models instead of charity has many benefits, including job creation and generating additional tax revenue. This is the view of Montegray founder and former FNB CEO Michael Jordaan who responded to...
  2. AcceleritZa

    Accelerit Business Fibre- Bloemfontein

    Hello Friends, We are excited to announce we now offer business broadband fibre services in Bloemfontein at IS data-center!! We are looking for ISP / Resellers / Integrators to offer our broadband services to their clients as an alternative and competitive product to the dull and old...
  3. Pegasus1110

    Buying Motorbikes for UberEats delivery

    Hi .. Does anyone have experience with renting bikes for Ubereats deliveries in Cape Town? I’m interested in purchasing a couple of bikes to rent but would like to know more before going ahead. Thanks
  4. H

    Are using a car a must to be employed and how does it exactly work?

    Hi everyone. Im trying to find some answers to a technical question here being that: is it an requirement for you to have a car for work and it be used for business purposes by your employer? My whole trend of thinking is, the employee have to take his car to work and pay the maximum amount...
  5. A

    Packaging companies in SA

    Hello all, I started out with a new business in SA and require small pouches for packing. The pouch must be small (70 grams) and my first order will be around 1000 - 2000 pouches. It's for food. I came across a company called So far my only communication with them has been a...
  6. GipsyD

    Adding existing numbers to VOIP Phones and Servers?

    I'm pretty fresh to the whole VOIP scene, so bear with me The company I work for recently bought out a company that was no longer solvent. We bought out their entire office building. Now, this company used to work with VOIP Phones as their main way of communicating with customers and others on...
  7. G

    Crypto Tax Adviser

    I'm currently earning my "salary" almost complete in crypto: 1. Mining (what tax is applicable here?) 2. Donations for open-source projects (probably non-taxable) 3. Small contract dev work and getting paid in crypto (probably income tax) 4. Crypto investment portfolio (probably capital gains...
  8. X

    Fixed-term contract: How to deal with contract renewal and salary.

    In November 2017 I was hired at my current job on a one-year contract that expires in November 2018. I am not an independent contractor -- my company pays my PAYE and offers some benefits, time off, etc. About six months into my contract my employer indicated they were happy with my work and...
  9. T

    Starting a new business

    Hi, i have a new business and have resisted my company name. The letter i got from SARS says i need to appoint a public official. How do i go about doing this? (i am the sole owner). What documents do I need to take with when i go visit SARS for the first time? Do i need to have a share...
  10. T

    Online business/service serving a foreign audience, do I also pay tax to that country

    Hi, I've been a stalker on these forums for years. I've found countless answers to my questions without having to register. Decided, that I might as well formalize my stalking. Question is: Suppose I am an S.A. registered company with a ecommerce service/site being offered to a UK...
  11. F

    Doing Business in SA: A case of ISPs and their upstream compadres

    This note has been trigerred by an experience I had with my fellow citizen: Axxess DSL. Legally, I signed up for a LTE contract but practically, I have not been provided with a reliable service (see the numerous downtime notices on ISP websites and complaints on this site). I consider a...
  12. P

    I recently registered a new outdoor advertising business and need funding.

    Hi everyone! I recently registered an outdoor advertising business, I have all relevant documents from CIPC and SARS, now the only hold-up or delay I am encountering now is funding issues, I need to buy equipment to start working because I already have 2 potential clients who are just waiting...
  13. R

    AirBnB Management Company - For Sale

    HI all Posting on behalf of my gf - not sure if we can list businesses (the "Read First" doesn't seem to say no) Short-Term Rental Property Management Agency For Sale - Cape Town Short-term rental property management agency with a 3-year track record, good reputation and loyal client base...
  14. M

    [UK] Teacher jailed for selling drugs to pupils

    Business studies teacher, 41, is jailed for selling drugs to pupils with a discount for children who bought in bulk
  15. X

    Chinese shipping

    Hi all I'm in need of some help. I want to start importing cosmetics from China and selling them here is SA but apparently I need a shipping agent who will clear customs for me. Does anyone have any information on where I can get this agent. TIA
  16. J

    Closing a Telkom business account from abroad.

    I know this thread is in the wrong place, but its the closest I can find... I need to close my Telkom business fixed line acount from abroad. I have emailed the required documents and recieved confirmation of receipt more than 21 business days ago. Nothing has happened. I cannot call...
  17. Newsfeed

    9 great South African tech companies

    9 great South African tech companies South Africa has produced many exceptional, and famous, tech entrepreneurs, like Mark Shuttleworth, Vinny Lingham, and Elon Musk.
  18. G

    [APP] Top Trader - Digital

    The Top Trader app looks like a great concept for marketing your products/brands/services to retailers and consumers. Its a useful and user friendly App for business owners and consumers to have in South Africa and neighboring countries. Likes: -Free App -Easy to navigate...
  19. E

    Do you user Google Reviews to influence your decision before approaching a business?

    As the title says. I've been witnessing so many individuals screwed over by businesses, but their cries fade into thin air too quick. Hence I am just curious: How much power do Google Reviews have or do we all herd along, making the same mistakes? I am tired of businesses treating me...
  20. D

    What are sales intermediaries?

    Hi, guys I have a business related question that's from an assignment I'm doing. We're currently learning about intermediaries and one of the questions is "What could be considered a sales intermediary for a company such as Huawei?". I was hoping someone could help me answer this as I'm kinda...