1. threegee

    ISP's using hidden cacheing devices but DENY they exist.

    I am now on my second Wireless ISP in a year. The first started giving major problems with various things becoming very slow and I proved they were cacheing on their network but when questioned they denied it. Several months of this back and forth complaining I eventually got one of their sales...
  2. I

    WordPress changes not updating

    Hello all, I have installed a plugin on my WordPress site for social share buttons and it works fine on all except the Facebook button. Some of my pages can be shared on FB, but not my blog posts. It still shows the "Coming Soon" under construction page, although I've made the site available...
  3. M

    Cache solution for WISP

    Hello, guys. I am looking for a caching solution for ISPs / WISPs and found a software called Microcache ... I saw that they have a forum ( and reading the explanation from one of their technicians, seems to be a serious company. Even better, they have a free trial...
  4. mountain_lion

    Problem with Vivotek cameras behind NAT

    I have combination of different Vivotek IP camera models some static and some with Pan & Tilt control on a private network, each with own static IP. Web interface differs slightly between the PT and static camera models. Connection to the internet is via ADSL router set up to do NAT, with...
  5. NomNom

    So what's the word on the new Corsair Accelerator

    So what's the word on the new Corsair Accelerator SSD"s Thinking of maybe getting these one day when my vertex 2 fails me. An easy and affordable way to boost system performance up to 5x Using an Accelerator Series™ solid-state cache drive can boost your system's read and write...
  6. LazyLion

    Remember that massive weapons cache uncovered on the East Rand? Bwahaha, Epic Fail! :D
  7. P

    Edits to Website hosted offshore do not show up in browser. MWEB uncapped.

    I have a locally-hosted Wordpress site that has a mirror that is hosted in the UK. Recently I changed some code in the theme of the local site, and immediately applied the same changes to the overseas site. When I view the local site in my browser the changes reflect immediately. Hours later...
  8. J

    Vodacom caching

    Our organisation uses a portal to let users view and update their personal information. The pages are set with a directive not to cache, yet they are still cached by many ISPs. In all cases except Vodacom's 3G service, the information can be retrieved by using the browser's Ctrl F5 forced...
  9. A

    Local distributed squid cluster

    Here is the idea.... Everyone willing to participate, opens up their squid for cache queries (on local bandwidth), not allowing requests to be forwarded. Not sure about the terminology... but (I think) you configure the other caches as peers and not parents/children. When you browse, your cache...
  10. LazyLion

    Excellent Firefox add-on for this board!

    Just found this on this page... This is great, cause I often get page time-outs when using this board... this way I don't lose...
  11. N

    re: My Google Earth cache.

    Greetings, carbon-based lifeforms. As some of you may know, I embarked on a quest of creating a rather large Google Earth cache, containing most of South Africa. The cache is now about 1.7GB, nearly the limit of GE's 2048MB disk cache. I need somewhere to upload it to. I have emailed...