1. J

    Boredom Freebie

    Hi All. I was bored, so I made a calendar for 2017. Help yourself. I will not be able to offer printing services, or any sort of support :wtf: HERE is it!
  2. A

    CWC 2015 - CSV for importing fixtures into Calendar

    I've created a CSV of the CWC 2015 fixtures, allowing easy import into your fave calendar. It's mapped for Outlook, but you can change the mappings for other calendars. Also, I've currently set reminders for certain games, at game start time. Edit this to suit your preferences and schedule...
  3. C

    Mac CalendarAgent connecting to photography website on first run?

    Hi, I've done a number of fresh installs of both OSX Lion and Yosemite. One of the first apps I always install is Little Snitch. Something funny that I notice is that when I run Calendar for the first time, CalendarAgent always wants to connect to a South African photography website...
  4. blaaislaai

    Network Calender sync

    I am looking for an application, preferably freeware to use in our department at work. This application should sync any changes made to a calender to all the PCs on the network, running that same calendar app. Basically like a calendar being shared between all the users on the network...
  5. C

    Sharepoint Calendar

    Hi all, We run a sharepoint server which mostly acts a central calendar for everyone in the company. Many people have connected the calendar to their MS Outlook as a second calendar. My question now... Is there any way to connect sharepoint to automatically copy/sync the calendar to everyone...
  6. DJ...

    Fully-featured Android calendar app...?

    I can't find a decent calendar app to suit my needs. I used to use S-Planner which was perfect, until I flashed a CM ROM and quickly came to realise the benefits of S-Planner. What I'm looking for is a calendar app that can integrate with google maps, so that I can view the map to select a...
  7. LazyLion

    Petition the South African Government to Investigate the Mayan Calendar Prediction!

    Haw, haw, if you were just listening to the Jenny Chrwys Williams show on 702 you heard a guy call in and try to ask Jenny to get the South African Government to investigate the threat that the Mayan Prediction of the end of the world on 21 December 2012 poses.... he gave a South African...
  8. D

    Free / Busy time on iPad and iPhone

    We use Exchange server at the office to manage our corporate calendars and with Outlook (for mac in my case) and it works great. I can see the availability of my colleagues before booking meetings with clients, so we avoid making double bookings. I would love to be able to do the same with...
  9. S

    Google Apps. The free version?

    I’m about to become self-employed. And I’d like to use an Exchange-type service. I think that Google Apps will fulfil my needs. I just don’t know if I should upgrade to the pay version. Has anyone used this service for a small business application? I want my email to be available on my...
  10. S

    Syncing Blackberry Group Calendar and Google Calendar

    I have set up a group on my Blackberry and a Group Calendar so that my wife and I can share calendar events. We both also have Google Calendars and I was wondering what is the best way to sync up our Blackberry Group calendar events with our Google Calendars p.s. We are on Mac.
  11. J

    Facebook calendar not syncing 100% with blackberry calendar

    As far as I know my facebook calendar should sync and appear on my blackberry's calendar. If I view the facebook calendar on my blackberry it only show's 2 events - my birthday, and an event which I am attending. Why isn't it syncing all my friends birthdays? Its irritating, because the...
  12. M

    MSSA announces its 2011 Calendar of Events

    The MSSA has just posted its calendar of events for 2011 on its facebook page ( The 2011 year seems to be action packed with events, and only the online championship and Western Cape Championships still need to be ratified. Of course, with SASCOC...
  13. S

    Great World Cup Calendar!

    Follow the link :D
  14. LazyLion

    Very Nice World Cup Calendar!
  15. rph72

    2010 Football Calendar Very nice!!
  16. A

    Thunderbird sync

    :o Any ideas on how to get seemless sync with Mozilla Thunderbird?