1. Howdy

    Last living signer of Canadian constitutional charter of rights sues government over COVID travel ban
  2. T

    Afrihost Canadian Website Delivery Issues

    Hi All, I recently had a prospected client from Canada that told me he can't access my website. I started to probe and found that all my sites WordPress and HTML cant be accessed from Canada using Then I went deeper to check all my sites on Host Gator and Hetzner, and sure as...
  3. K

    [Question] Which countries recognise degrees and diplomas from South Africa ?

    I am curious to know whether qualifications earned in South Africa are recognised as sufficient or suitable qualifications by other country standards. In particular, whether engineering qualifications from Technikons (eg. DUT and MUT) are recognised by countries like Canada, England, Australia etc.
  4. Ivan Leon

    Nissan Canada's Finance Unit Reports Data Breach That Could Impact More Than 1M

    Nissan Canada’s finance arm is notifying more than one million customers of a data breach that led to personal information being accessed by at least one unauthorised person. The precise number of customers affected by the breach isn’t immediately known, but Nissan’s reaching out to all...
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Security geek in Canada takes revenge on laptop thief

    Security geek in Canada takes revenge on laptop thief Canadian security researcher Stu Gale recently had his laptop stolen from his car, only to discover the thief logging into her Facebook account from the device soon after. Gale had software installed that allowed him to track the laptop...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Internet Archive prepares for Trump presidency

    Internet Archive prepares for Trump presidency The Internet Archive is making a copy of its digital collections in Canada following the election of Donald Trump.
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Sony closing stores, wants to refocus

    Sony closing stores, wants to refocus Sony Corp. says it is closing all 14 of its retail stores in Canada as it refocuses its business
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    HitchBot crosses Canada

    Hitchhiking robot reaches destination A chatty robot with an LED-lit smiley face sent hitchhiking across Canada as part of a social experiment has reached its final destination
  9. LazyLion

    Canada Nabs Two in Alleged Al-Qaeda Backed Plan

    Two foreign nationals have been arrested in Canada in connection with what federal police said Monday was a plot backed by Al-Qaeda to derail a passenger train in the Toronto area. "Today's arrests demonstrate that terrorism continues to be a real threat to Canada," Public Safety Minister Vic...
  10. jes

    Scientists cure cancer - nobody takes notice

    Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice
  11. jes

    Canadian DSL adopts capped model but it's still cheaper than SA

    Canadian DSL adopts capped model but it's still cheaper than SA The Canadian telecommunications regulator has allowed Bell, the country's sole provider of DSL infrastructure, to implement usage-based billing. How does it compare to the South African market?
  12. R

    How do I register in person for RICA if I'm in Canada?

    Like the subject line says. Vodacom was kind enough to tell me to transfer my SIM to a family member who lives in SA, and then they become responsible for the SIM, and the number, and the account. Knowing how long the transfer process can take, especially with one party in absentia, and...
  13. jes

    Facbook campaign to save Canadian Black Bears caught in drug bust

    Source: Sapa-AFP _______________ An international campaign with the help of social networking site Facebook hopes to save the lives of some 14 black bears used to guard an illegal marijuana farm in western Canada. Police encountered the bears during a drug raid earlier this month at...
  14. T

    Facebook changes criticised by Canadian government

    Facebook changes criticised Facebook users may be targets of blackmail after changes that erode personal security protections on the world's most popular social network website, Canada's privacy czar warned Saturday.
  15. L

    Canadian couple stabbed in South Africa

    Source: CBC News Urgh... What a crap time of year to get stabbed (as if there's ever a "good" time). Also, I hardly think that crimes should be "extra uber not allowed" just because of the World Cup, they should be "extra uber not allowed" all the time! At least they're both okay, but...
  16. LazyLion

    Another Torrent site goes to court - isoHunt & CRIA These cases are going to be the defining moment for the Torrent technology. If the rulings go against the sites, I predict that the technology will start to die out. But I also predict that another technology will arise...
  17. mercurial

    Prisoner, too fat for cell, released early

  18. mercurial

    Another Huge Ice Shelf Breaks Off in Arctic

    Full story here
  19. O

    going overseas (canada) - data prepaid - need help

    Hey peeps.. Customer is going 2 canada 2morrow evening. He is on 4u prepaid. According to vodacom's website the +- rate for roaming in canada is +- R110 /MB on their Canada Rogers network.. I can't find any roaming vodacom agreement of R17.50 or such service.. - would it be better...