Afrihost Canadian Website Delivery Issues


New Member
Aug 7, 2019
Hi All,

I recently had a prospected client from Canada that told me he can't access my website. I started to probe and found that all my sites WordPress and HTML cant be accessed from Canada using Then I went deeper to check all my sites on Host Gator and Hetzner, and sure as hell they loaded in Canada.

So just a heads up, if you sell your services or portfolio in Canada and host at Afrihost. Go check that your site is loading that side of the world.

I received one too many e-mails, can you please recreate the issue and send us your IP, what does my personal IP have to do with site delivery in Canada, also I'm not going to ask a client that just ditched me because of a 401 error to send me his IP.

They have fixed it for today, but I'm sure, tomorrow the Afrihost Shared server I am on will just be blocked again.

I have to mention, that for 6 years I have been one of the happiest clients of Afrihost always bragging about their amazing customer support. I still believe they are a top company and their service is amazing. But I just lost a possible 100k contract due to servers that failed to load in Canada, just across the border in USA, there was no problem in loading the site. I know that Canada is strict, but damn Afrihost, please make sure that you are whitelisted in Canada, maybe its time to stop hosting sites that get noticed as a pirate or spam sites.