1. J

    Kuilsriver Highbury and Highbury Park

    So, Here I am again. Trying to get some answers out of the 10's of fiber providers. SADV being the worst and the biggest liars ever, Last year at a community meeting for the area SADV promised that by end of March 2019 fiber trenching would have started in the area. Its not almost a year later...
  2. T

    Alcatel Lucent i-240g-d fibre modem port speed gigabit or not?

    Hi guys/gals Apologies if this has been asked before but I cannot find anything and unfortunately Google has not been helpful. I live in a small complex and we had a 100meg Openserve line put in around 1.5 years ago when 100meg was the max speed available from Afrihost. We have now upgraded to...
  3. S

    Unable to get 1-grid / gridhost / serve to transfer (release) domain

    Help!!! Has anyone else had experience transferring a dotcom domain AWAY from 1-grid / gridhost / serve / whatever they are calling themselves this year? We have been trying since July to get them to release our domain, which we recently found out is actually registered with enom (they don't...
  4. RedViking

    Web Africa Telkom LTE (FIXED) R899 - 150GB FUP - 10Mbps Speed

    Is this a good deal? 1. I am currently paying almost R650 for ADSL (220 Telkom + 420 Axxess) for less than 4Mbps line and use about 120-150GB a month. But my line is mostly consistent for 95% of the time. 2. Will the Telkom Fixed LTE be reliable? (from your experience)I know it will also...
  5. T

    Afrihost Canadian Website Delivery Issues

    Hi All, I recently had a prospected client from Canada that told me he can't access my website. I started to probe and found that all my sites WordPress and HTML cant be accessed from Canada using Then I went deeper to check all my sites on Host Gator and Hetzner, and sure as...
  6. Fjorko

    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    Had to be done. Let's go.
  7. Jamie McKane

    Afrihost Pure Fibre - Big price cuts on FTTH packages

    Afrihost Pure Fibre - Big price cuts on FTTH packages Afrihost has launched its new Pure Fibre offerings, which comprise a new selection of uncapped, unshaped fibre-to-the-home packages. These packages are offered across multiple networks and are significantly cheaper than the competition...
  8. P

    Better ISP than Afrihost?

    I've been with Afrihost for a number of years now but due to their horrible customer service with my Fibre order I want to mov to a new ISP. I was hoping someone would be able to assist with choosing a new ISP - one who actually replies to queries in a timely manner. I'm currently living in...
  9. Jamie McKane

    Big downtime at Afrihost

    Big downtime at Afrihost Afrihost's website, hosting services, and network are experiencing major issues this morning. According to reports on DownDetector and social media, Afrihost web hosting and email customers are unable to access their respective services, with many users reporting that...
  10. D

    Afrihost LTE misleading

    Because my Telkom LTE was becoming slower and slower and I knew Fibre was on the way I ordered CellC LTE from Afrihost on a month to month contract. CellC LTE worked much better (speed and stability) than Telkom. After two months the Fibre became available and I signed up with CoolIdeas. I did...
  11. F

    Who are you and what have you done with Afrihost?

    Hi Gian I work in IT and my peers and I have for nearly a decade idolized Afrihost and the sheer level of service excellence that made you guys rise above the rest. And for the last six months, even prior to my sim getting delivered, I have experienced the complete opposite. I had less trouble...
  12. Jamie McKane

    The most important skill which could land you a job at Afrihost

    The most important skill which could land you a job at Afrihost Afrihost is one of South Africa’s best-known Internet service providers and has great workplace perks. Afrihost employees get free connectivity, free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, free imported coffee, and an open bar on Friday...
  13. N

    Considering a new ISP - please help

    Hi guys. I've been with webafrica for a while now (100/25mb uncapped octotel). Since ive started streaming i've decided i want to upgrade the upload to 100 aswell. However i see a couple other ISPs have 100/100 for about 100-200 bucks cheaper. Speeds are pretty inconsistent at peak times...
  14. V

    200mb Fibre for 8 people

    Hi guys and gals, I want some insight on this. We live on a small holding, theres 3 houses with a total of 8 people. I am getting a 200mbps Premium Uncapped fibre line installed and then splitting it to all the houses. I would say 6 of the people are heavy internet users (Games, Downloads...
  15. H

    Afrihost delay on installation

    As Afrihost do not respond to Hello Peter this is the only forum I have to let off steam. A lady who is renting a place from us has been trying to activate fibre in her unit that has a Vumatel CPE Object number VT-NC-OB-1942 Afrihost keeps telling her that there is no CPE even after she gave...
  16. D

    RAIN Fixed wireless throttled

    Hi, Is anyone else having issues with Afrihost fixed wireless being throttled? During peak times I get throttled to 1mbps. That was still useable, but lately it seems like they started balancing usage even more. Now I get 1mbps for 2 minutes, then it stops complety for 30 seconds. This continues...
  17. R

    Afrihost - Poor Service

    A manager named Ronnie was supposed to call me yesterday about my Cellc Fixed Wireless package, however to my disappointment I received no call. I never had a problem with Afrihost before... In the last week I have been really disappointed and disgusted with the service I am receiving. Please...
  18. H

    Unable to view balance

    Hi, Sorry if this question has already been asked, but does anyone else have issues where data shows 0mb when checking the data balance in client zone?
  19. T

    Afrihost, you were the chosen ones :(

    Hi there I was without internet for the month of October and needed just one months worth of data from someone. I saw on Afrihosts site that there was a sim only cell c 100gb deal where its month to month. there were others with a router, but you had to pay 999 if you cancelled after one month...
  20. B

    Google Chrome- "Your connection is not private"

    Trying to connect to Afrihost to view my e-mails I get the above message with "Attackers might be trying to steal your info." Typing in "" the url states "not secure" and https is crossed out. This does not happen using internet explorer. Even googling www afrihost. com then...