1. D

    Trying to get fibre installed with Afrihost - now in third week, no luck

    Hi everyone... it's been a while since I have been on MyBB forums! I'm trying to help my parents back in Joburg get signed up to get fibre internet through Afrihost. I emigrated a few years ago and thought it would be a good idea to help them upgrade from ADSL, since I am not sure when we will...
  2. D

    Afrihost Fiber Can't Fix Slow Internet

    Yet another day my Afrihost Fiber (Vumatel) down speed appears to be capped at 2Mbps. Tickets were made yesterday and escalated, then escalated again, but looks like I'm going to be stuck at 2Mbps for the whole weekend.
  3. Jan

    When Afrihost buys Cool Ideas, it will own 3 of South Africa's top ISPs

    If you can't beat them, buy them Afrihost is set to acquire a majority stake in Cool ldeas, making it by far the largest independent Internet service provider (ISP) in South Africa. Afrihost was founded in 1999 by three friends — Gian Visser, Brendan Armstrong, and Peter Meintjes — as a...
  4. Jan

    Fibre ISPs in South Africa with the highest customer satisfaction scores in Q2 2021

    Best fibre ISP in South Africa The Q2 2021 South African ISP report revealed that Cool Ideas, Afrihost, and Axxess are the best Internet service providers (ISPs) in South Africa. The report is based on data collected through MyBroadband’s mobile apps and web-based speed test portals between 1...
  5. Jan

    Month-to-month mobile data deal comparison

    Best month-to-month mobile data deals in South Africa If you don't fancy signing up for a long-term contract, there are multiple mobile data packages available in South Africa on a month-to-month basis. While fibre is the ideal option for Internet users with big data requirements, it's not...
  6. Jan

    Immense price cuts on Vumatel

    Big Vumatel price cuts After calls from its customers to drop prices, fibre network operator Vumatel has adjusted its fibre-to-the-home product line-up, resulting in big price cuts from Internet service providers (ISPs) on its network. Vumatel told MyBroadband it had reviewed and adjusted a...
  7. Hanno Labuschagne

    Afrihost will buy majority stake in Cool Ideas

    Afrihost will buy majority stake in Cool Ideas Afrihost and Cool ldeas have concluded a deal where Afrihost will acquire a majority stake in Cool Ideas. The acquisition is subject to the necessary regulatory approvals. Afrihost and Cool Ideas are working to finalise the transaction as soon as...
  8. Hanno Labuschagne

    Afrihost offering 1GB free mobile data to Plus+ customers

    Afrihost offering 1GB free mobile data to Plus+ customers Afrihost is doubling its 500MB free mobile data benefit to Afrihost Plus+ clients, giving them 1GB free data each month. Afrihost Plus+ is a premium add-on product, which costs R109 per month, that incorporates existing DSL and mobile...
  9. DemonInc

    Get Fiber they Said...

    Good day, This is a reply I posted this Morning on one guy waiting 3 weeks for his Fiber and I though shame 3 weeks, I have been waiting since last year November (2020). I feel your pain my guy. So I'm just posting my story in a new thread. just to see what will happen. I ordered my fiber...
  10. M

    Wordpress public_html locked, likely due to brute force attack

    When I try to unlock it via cPanel I get this message:
  11. Chris

    South African fibre price war

    South African fibre price war South African broadband users are enjoying big price cuts and free speed upgrades on fibre-to-the-home products with fibre network operators and ISPs fighting for market share. The fibre price war was started by Openserve when it upgraded speeds and cut prices on...
  12. R

    Fibre order pending 3 weeks

    Good day all, Hope someone can assist me to get this sorted. @AfriFella @AfriGuy @AfriNatic (Sorry to call you guys out directly, but I am beyond angry and I hope we can get this resolved quickly this way) TL;DR: I've been waiting for 3 weeks now to get a fibre order actioned, and every time I...
  13. Hanno Labuschagne

    R497 per month for uncapped 30Mbps fibre from Afrihost

    R497 per month for uncapped 30Mbps fibre from Afrihost Afrihost has slashed the price of its Frogfoot fibre products with uncapped packages starting at under R500 per month. Frogfoot Networks is an open-access fibre infrastructure provider with coverage in many neighbourhoods across South...
  14. Hanno Labuschagne

    Uncapped DSL now available from Afrihost starting at R297 per month

    Uncapped DSL now available from Afrihost starting at R297 per month Afrihost has slashed the price of its Pure DSL packages with an uncapped, unshaped broadband service now available at under R300 per month. The Pure DSL price adjustments follow Openserve’s decision to upgrade speeds and cut...
  15. Leo_

    Afrihost Double Billing

    I just want to say, the fact that one can upgrade and downgrade their services from the app is fantastic. However I have a questiion regarding the billing when upgrading. If one wants to upgrade mid month, does this mean one pays two bills without reimbursement ? Here‘s a scenario: 10mbps =...
  16. T

    Afrihost Incompetence - Please help

    Hello , we recently moved and migrated our fibre line - our @openserve B number was released and I spent to hours with the consultant at afrihost to take ownership of the B number, all nice we had internet for 10 days and then Sunday we had none. i logged a call with Afrihost where they stated...
  17. S

    D-Link DIR-825 - LAN Port Limited to 100Mbps

    Hi everyone, I have a D-Link DIR-825 router that I received from Afrihost when I signed up for a 1Gbps fibre line. I'm having some issues with the LAN speed. When I connect my laptop directly to the OTN, I get close to 800Mbps. However, when I connect my laptop via LAN to the router, speed is...
  18. S

    Line Speed upgrade

    Hi Afrihost... When openserve announced there was to be a speed upgrade at no cost to the ISP, I was so happy, I never once got any speed upgrades during co-vid times... I am on a legacy 8meg line, so a few weeks ago Openserve announced a free line speed ugrade to 25meg down, so I was expecting...
  19. S

    Are the Afripeeps still around?

    I logged a cancellation in January for my fibre connection as I have sold my house, now I have been billed for March - I need some eyes on this urgently, please. Otherwise I am going to stop the debit order from going through.
  20. J

    Ready to cut the local Vumatel lines due to their bad service

    Earlier this week my Vumatel/Wondernet FTTH line went offline for 9 hours. During that time I was assigned a new IP. Now you would ask, what is the problem? In February 2019 when my FTTH was freshly in the ground & hanging from a telephone pole (Vumatel & Openserve), I phoned around and asked...