1. P

    Is Afrihost now officially useless?

    I originally signed up with Afrihost for home Internet to insulate me from Telkom but Telkom got so bad that I switched to another ISP who provided a direct wireless link (no fibre where I live). Now I just use Afrihost for my cell phones because I would rather deal with them than MTN or one of...
  2. cobusv

    Routing IRR issue with Afrihost

    Hello @AfriMan i was just wondering why you guys have broken your IRRs and suddenly sold your network to Microsoft?
  3. O

    Afrihost | Pure LTE | Late router delivery

    It's working day 8 of waiting for my router to be delivered. I contacted the courier, earliest they can get it to me is working day 9, which if delayed further by one day, would make it a full 2 weeks after placing the order. I've been billed already pro-rate for the service, 5 days before the...
  4. koeks525

    Afrihost: The ISP that lies, lies and lies... I am so tired of it

    Good Evening Everyone, Initially, I thought I was going to wait on Afrihost's support team to resolve this issue, but I chose not to. I honestly cannot stomach more lies being told to me. So here is how it all started: I was a happy Afrihost 10Mbps fibre client from May 2019 till December 2019...
  5. U

    Am I on the 100gb + 100gbLite bundle @Afrihost?

    Apologies if this is a dumb question. I have been on the Afrihost 100gb bundle for a year now. I did the migration end of last year to the new mtn sims. When I select change bundle in my clientzone there is the option of 100gb + 100gb pure for R549 . Right now I am paying R530 a month for 100gb...
  6. D

    Support Tickets Disappearing

    I created a support ticket yesterday (Ticket ID: DET-276-44977) In regards to my pre-order for fibre. but when I when to check on the progress of my ticket, it doesn't display in my clientzone active tickets tab, so i dont know whats happening. I just want to find out is the ticket still active...
  7. T

    Afrihost terrible service and support

    I've been with afrihost since the first day they released fixed LTE data. This was the rain network. The first 2 years we amazing. The speeds were great. After roughly 2 years. The told me you package would now be halved into a peak and off peak data. I asked if I'd get the same service. They...
  8. T

    Afrihost services and support deteriorating

    I've been with afrihost since the first day they released fixed LTE data. This was the rain network. The first 2 years we amazing. The speeds were great. After roughly 2 years. The told me you package would now be halved into a peak and off peak data. I asked if I'd get the same service. They...
  9. J

    Afrihost Mi-Fi Data mysteriously depleting at a rapid rate

    I have the Huawei E5331 Mobile Wi-Fi and at the beginning of last month I started receiving escalating data usage notifications. When I finally looked into the matter nearly all my mobile data was gone. This month I switched it on again, changed all the passwords, forced WPA2 usage, etc. Not a...
  10. P

    Telkom LTE through Afrihost - Dysfunctional?

    Evening peeps... I'd love some input from you guys, and to see if anyone else has the same problems. So I signed up for 2 Telkom LTE packages with hardware through Afrihost a couple months back, I was moving and also with the inevitable ADSL wipe out I figured I might as well get things done...
  11. JRJakkals

    Axxess&Afrihost New MTN Fixed LTE - Huawei b315

    Hi Everybody I see Afrihost and Axxess have a new MTN Fixed LTE deal. So I bought a MTN sim card\loaded some data and using a Huawei b315 and the internet is working. I see the MTN APN settings are different from Afrihost and Axxess MTN. My question is why cant I use my Huawei b315 even if it...
  12. Jamie McKane

    Afrihost launches Pure LTE on MTN's network

    Afrihost launches Pure LTE on MTN's network Afrihost has launched new fixed-LTE packages which will run on MTN's network. Called Afrihost Pure LTE, the ISP is offering one month of free usage, and SIM-only and SIM+device packages, to clients.
  13. C

    DDOS? My router was hacked I am a Afrihost client

    Hi Yesterday I could not login to my router admin account and also not able using the app. I eventually logged in with the default password of the router. I noticed the guest account although disabled the password was different. The openvpn setup was also reported as being different and all...
  14. werfie

    Telkom conundrum - Advice?

    I currently have a 10mbps ADSL line through Telkom directly. I have been contacted by Rain and offered their 5G service (uncapped, unshaped @ R1000 pm). I have been looking at other option for faster speeds and given Telkom's ADSL decommissioning exercise. (I don't have Fibre available)...
  15. J

    DSTV Expora 2 Remote Record feature broken

    My DSTV Explore 2 Remote Record feature has broken. Previous time I used the feature, about 2 months ago, it still worked. Last week, after switching from ADSL to fibre (and from an ADSL modem/router to a fibre modem + separate router), the service has become troubled. I can confirm with...
  16. Rickster

    Is this possible with afrihost mobile/air?

    @AfriMan Hi, I have a prepaid MTN SIM and i would like to know if i could use any of afrihosts offerings to be able to use their data via APN without having to get a SIM + wifi device. Thanks.
  17. N

    Vuma - Moving from Vox to Afrihost

    Hi How long did your guys move take? Vox finally released the line on Sunday the 1st. I logged a call with Afrihost on Sunday morning. My line has still not been activated. They said it takes 48 to 72 hours to resolve this, surely that doesn't sound right as it there is no installation just a...
  18. J

    Kuilsriver Highbury and Highbury Park

    So, Here I am again. Trying to get some answers out of the 10's of fiber providers. SADV being the worst and the biggest liars ever, Last year at a community meeting for the area SADV promised that by end of March 2019 fiber trenching would have started in the area. Its not almost a year later...
  19. T

    Alcatel Lucent i-240g-d fibre modem port speed gigabit or not? - Closed

    Hi guys/gals Apologies if this has been asked before but I cannot find anything and unfortunately Google has not been helpful. I live in a small complex and we had a 100meg Openserve line put in around 1.5 years ago when 100meg was the max speed available from Afrihost. We have now upgraded to...
  20. S

    Unable to get 1-grid / gridhost / serve to transfer (release) domain

    Help!!! Has anyone else had experience transferring a dotcom domain AWAY from 1-grid / gridhost / serve / whatever they are calling themselves this year? We have been trying since July to get them to release our domain, which we recently found out is actually registered with enom (they don't...