1. Hanno Labuschagne

    Vox's new fixed 5G packages vs Axxess, Afrihost, and MTN

    Vox's new fixed 5G packages vs Axxess, Afrihost, and MTN Internet service provider Vox recently launched two uncapped fixed-5G packages offering speeds of up to 300Mbps. Vox senior product manager Chris Boshoff said the offering was designed to be competitive on both pricing and service...
  2. C

    Afrihost service pathetic

    I don't know how Afrihost manages to get a high rating, the service is pathetic. They cancelled my service over 2 months ago 'by mistake', it took them over 3 days to get me back online. Gian didn't respond to emails or social media, I only got a response when I called him out in another thread...
  3. dariusbotha5

    Anti-consumerism from Afrihost?

    Hi everyone, I wanted to switch ISPs and came across the particular deal on Afrihost's website After going through the signup process for a 50 Mbps package, the router however only has been discounted R1000 instead of being free. I phoned the sales and support...
  4. D

    VoIP over LTE. Airmobile and Telkom LTE

    Does VoIP work over Telkom LTE and afrihost Airmobile networks? Meaning do they block VoIP traffic etc…. Sometimes fibre fails and would like to setup a failover with either of the above-mentioned in a 4g device. Would there be a need to change any APN settings?
  5. K

    WiFi Down -AfriHost NEED HELP

    Hello, Wifi had been down for the past hour, would like to know what happened and when it will be resolved.
  6. F

    Terrible customer support

    Fiber installation was done on the 7th of May 2024 Date of writing this: 28 May 2024 Let me clarify that i do understand a key part of the activation is related to the FNO (Vumatel) , I am not just here to complain about the delay in activation of the service. Worse than the delay is the...
  7. M

    VUMA - how long to get fiber installed

    Hey guys and gals, My question to you is.. How long should Vuma take to schedule or contact me for a fiber install from my wall to my house? On the vuma coverage page they show that fiber is available and that i can order a package: I also have the fiber box's outside my house and on the...
  8. philennaidu

    Afrihost Fibre 100Mb/s is a Hoax

    My mother is a 75yr old retired teacher, she has no technical knowledge and she lives with trust. She's been an Afrihost internet client since 2019. Every time I've visited her home since 2019, there have been internet speed issues. Recently I've run over 40 speedtests over the course of 10...
  9. C

    Atrocious Afrihost Customer Service

    My final interaction within a long wait for a premises creation has led to my cancellation of the fibre order I placed a month ago. I initially placed the order on 4 April 2024, to which I received an email stating of a delay, and on 9 April I was informed that a premises creation for my address...
  10. A

    Afrihost MTN 5G - Unlimited - TP-Link NX510v Settings Help

    Good day everyone, I am looking for some assistance with Bridging my Afrihost-issued 5G router - network is MTN. Router model is TP-Link NX510v. Long story but the DSL lines in my area were destroyed and OpenServe won't fix them. There is no Fibre access to my location, so I had to get 5G. I...
  11. GTIsean

    Afrihost router problems

    Hi all Can someone from Afrihost please assist. I had a fibre line installed last year in late September at our new house and I received a router as part of the deal. After not having a single problem since then, I've now started encountering problems with my line where my internet will...
  12. S

    Afrihost failed me

    I regret to inform you that Afrihost has failed me. I ordered a Pure LTE product the other day and with excitement I contacted Afrihost the following day, checking up on the proces and how long it would take, inorder for me to make a plan on delivery day to be available. Here is where things...
  13. Virus91

    Afrihost client service issues

    Currently pay for a 500MB line with afrihost, every 2 - 3 months we sit with the same issue, for around 7 - 14 days untill afrihost decide to fix this issue - Context - Every time this issue persists (been 6 days now) our internet between the times of around 5:30pm - 12pm are slow, to the...
  14. squirrel

    Charged R999 to cancel line that was never installed

    Hello, I have recently moved to a new location and require fibre internet. Despite there being an existing Octotel line, I opted for OpenServe, not thinking it would be a major thing. I placed an order with Afrihost for an OpenServe line on the 15/02 and shortly received a notification to...
  15. Coucal

    Afrihost Support / Line Migration Nightmare

    Old Fibre package (RSAWEB) was canceled by the previous owner (last day to be 29 Feb 2024). I decided to go with Afrihost as I already had an account with them from a previous Fibre package a couple of years ago, good experience overall, and ordered the 25Mbps/25Mbps on 23 Feb 2024. Simple and...
  16. R

    Cellphone apps not working on fibre

    For the last 2 or 3 weeks the 3 people in our household have all been experiencing issues with certain cellphone apps not running on our fibre wifi. We all have Samsungs of varying ages and complexity, from A72 to S22. Fibre provider is Vumatel, ISP is Afrihost. WiFi 5 connection, I believe...
  17. B

    How long should a line repair take?

    Fibre line went down at 11:36am, Sunday 25 Feb. Fault logged with Afrihost (vuma infrastructure) and established that a team needs to come out and investigate. They arrived on Monday afternoon and decided the issue needed to be escalated to their civils team and verbally promised to have us up...
  18. S

    Looks like Octotel is doing some Upgrades

    Currently have 100/100 mbps line, Coming up as 150/150. Hopefully it's FREE lol
  19. JollyFerret

    Which ISP is the best between Rocket Net, AfriHost, and Cool Ideas in 2024?

    I'm currently in the market for an ISP at my new place, which is under MetroFibre. I've been reading that AfriHost and Cool Ideas have been consistently ranked as the Top 2 SA ISPs over the last couple of years, which is why they're on my short list. RocketNet is my current ISP. When I reached...
  20. Z

    Moving Fibre line from Supersonic to Afrihost - Line release delays

    Hi guys, Hope you are well? I need some advice/help. Last month Supersonic made me aware that they were terminating my service due to FNO costs being to high. The service was subsequently cancelled on 31 Jan. I decided to move to afrihost; however Afrihost cannot process my order because...