1. O

    Axxess to Afrihost Fibre Migration Fail

    Hi, I've had Axxess Fibre on FrogFoot in Pretoria since April 2020 and decided to migrate to Afrihost as soon as possible (which was end November 2020). I signed up with Afrihost on 17 November 2020. Last night, on the 30th of November 2020, my internet stopped working because Axxess released...
  2. A

    Can I get higher speeds on Vuma Reach?

    Im currently on Afrihost's website checking out the speeds that Vuma Reach offers since they are rolling out in my area (Hooray!). I am seeing that 40meg down and 10meg up is the highest speed option available. Is it possible to get a 100meg connection on Vuma Reach or is the contention ratio...
  3. K

    Afrihost Pure Fibre Issues

    Soooo I have a 100Down pure fibre line and I’ve had it for a week, now all of a sudden I’m getting 10Down speeds.
  4. M

    Wordpress site gives a 404 when attempting to log into back end

    Afrihost hosting. The site itself works fine. Initially I got an "error establishing connection to database", I changed the SQL user password and updated the wp-config.php file, then I got a 404. Any idea what I'm missing? Actual noob here.
  5. Anthro

    MTN (Axxess / Afrihost) Blocking of Services

    @AfriNatic Hope you can assist. @AfriFella We have two clients using the MTN ( Mobile data connection. They are not able to connect to services my company hosts for them on a RDS (RDP) Server at all. Changing the ISP to @VodacomData it works with no issue. Let's troubleshoot...
  6. K

    Afrihost Issue (New Fibre Installation)

    Soooo we ordered Fibre from Afrihost two weeks ago and there’s an issue where Vumatel tells them we have an existing order with another ISP, but we don’t because we ordered the fibre package 3 weeks after it became available in the area. The only thing Afrihost does is tell us that “We waiting”...
  7. L

    Telkom through Afrihost, data disappearing and throttling?

    Hi, I was wondering if I am the only one who's had data disappear from their LTE-A data line? This is the second time in six months that I had data disappeared and with no help from Afrihost other than telling me to install a data monitor. I mean I trust this company to actually provide a...
  8. C

    Will Afrihost offer telkoms 1TB Data for R999 P/M?

    I have noticed that Telkom is offering R999 per month for 1TB the funny part is I am on Afrihost I am paying R999 for 220GB day and 220GB 12am-7 am. I am not saying anything bad about Afrihost I have been using them for a while and their support is better to me and Telkom have the same price for...
  9. YourKaptain

    Frogfoot Installation - ABSOLUTE Nightmare...

    Ordered new fibre line to be installed on the 11th of August, through Afrihost - after weeks of battling to get the installation date set with Frogfoot, it was finally scheduled by their subcontractor for this morning - Thursday, 27 August 2020. Installers pulled the fibre, installed the Fibre...
  10. D

    Fibre In Pietermaritzburg

    Hi So on my street and a few others I've notice they started marking off and trenching. I asked the guy working what it was for and he said it's for Fibre. Yay!!!! But he seems to contracted by some other company to do the trenching because he doesn't know for which company they putting the...
  11. B

    Anyone else experiencing stupid high data usage(loss/stolen?) on Fixed LTE?

    Hi all. new here. new to Fixed LTE as well - with Afrihost (MTN) 300gb... Been an adsl user for a long time before switching over to LTE this month was running 200gb cap adsl (also with afrihost) for a few years then went up to 300gb cap a few months ago as i started streaming more (cancelled...
  12. B

    Unreliable Afrihost Fibre in Port Elizabeth.

    So I went from the dreaded Telkom ADSL to the latest fibre from Afrihost (by Frog Foot) about 3 months ago. Went down at 12h15. As this is the third incident in as many months, I left it for an hour. I then opened the Whats App communication (as they say it is faster) at 14h23. At 17h56, I got...
  13. D

    Afrihost Slow down at Night and weekends

    Hi So I've had afrihost vdsl 20 meg home uncapped account for a about 4 months and it worked great but over the last 2 weeks it has become extremely slow from 6pm up to 10 pm during week days and the entire weekend. Like 2 meg down on speed test. I phoned afrihost and did port reset but no...
  14. L

    Afrihost - Complaint

    I am so over Afrihost and I am busy convincing my husband to move over to a different ISP. Clearly business are still good for Afrihost to not care about existing customers. We are paying for a 40 MBPS line and are getting 0.02 MBPS Download and 47.8 Upload this is extremely slow. We have...
  15. GreatWmR

    How to get coverage for Naked/Pure DSL

    The company i work for has decided to change ISPs from Webonline to Afrihost But trying to sign up via afrhost just tells me that we are not covered for Pure DSL and the coverage map on Telkom says ADSL coming soon Afrihost support tells me to contact Telkom to find out about coverage Telkom...
  16. M

    "Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)" is missing in my Afrihost cPanel

    Trying to upload install SSL, but the option is just not there. I can upload the cert and key, but not the CA bundle. Any idea what's going on here?
  17. U

    Terrible Ping to Diablo 3 From Afrihost

    Hello everyone, i have absolutely terrible ping to diablo 3 europe servers. i have spoken to blizzard support and we have concluded it has to be my ISP. here is my WINMTR : |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| |...
  18. JohnnBeGood

    Afrihost MTN LTE Uncapped Package

    Good morning all. Just wanting to ask advice if anyone has tried afrihost MTN LTE Uncapped package ? I'm wanting to know the following. Speeds average ? Stability through CMD pinging ? Consistency of speeds ? Ping stability ? I stay on a farm so uncapped with my 4k TV is what I'm...
  19. U

    Afrihost Hosting Alternative?

    Can anyone recommend an alternative to Afrihost for hosting a basic linux server with something like cPanel? The team over at Afrihost keeps blocking my emails from even sending if it includes the word "payment" in the email. Kinda getting fed up with it now calling them every other month...
  20. A

    Porting to FNB Connect

    Hi. If anyone is thinking about porting to FNB Connect, I would advise rethinking that decision. Here's why: 1. Delivery of the new SIM card took them a week. It's OK to wait for a new SIM when it's a new product, but what about when one urgently needs to do a SIM swap? 2. The number porting...