1. Jan

    Major outage at Afrihost due to problems at Gallo Manor DC

    Afrihost hit with massive outage at data centre A cooling system failure at MTN’s Gallo Manor data centre has caused an extended outage affecting Afrihost’s hosting services. Customers are complaining that their email services and websites hosted through Afrihost have been offline for upwards...
  2. Jan

    South Africa's most popular ISP

    South Africa's preferred ISPs revealed Analytico's 2022 South African Broadband and ISP Brand Report revealed that Afrihost is South Africa's most preferred ISP, followed by Telkom, Mweb, Cool Ideas, and Vodacom. The report is based on survey responses from 5,973 South African broadband...
  3. A

    OpenServe Cancelling My Line Without Consent - Help!

    I've been without internet access since the morning of Friday 24 June. My ISP is Afrihost. I have a DSL line (no fibre in the area yet). After spinning the wheel to find out why my connection wasn't working (Billing? Nope, up to date. Router reconfiguration? Nope, tried that multiple times, no...
  4. Soulware Technology

    Afrihost R500 coupon

    Hi guys I received an R500 discount coupon for Afrihost does it only apply to the initial checkout or does it apply the full amount of the rest of the months.
  5. E

    International Packet Loss

    Since the beginning of the month I have had packet loss internationally. I have called Afrihost and also used the WhatsApp help and no one has been able to help me. They said they would contact Vumatel and no one has managed to help me. Here is an international speedtest to the UK. I used to...
  6. Jan

    Afrihost's Vumatel prices reduced and 500Mbps package launched

    Afrihost cuts Vumatel fibre prices and launches 500Mbps package Afrihost has reduced its Vumatel fibre package prices after the operator launched a promotion to increase subscriber line speeds for free. Vumatel announced the promotion to Internet service providers last week.
  7. G

    Afrihost Line Relocation Balls up!

    What k@k service from Afrihost! We have recently moved and need a relocation of our line to the new house.. GOOD GRIEF iv never experienced such bizaar service in my life!!!!! Afrihost keeps telling us that the previous ISP has not released the line, yet when i call the ISP they say it has been...
  8. Jan

    No increase in DDoS attacks in South Africa

    Denial of service attack frequency in South Africa unaffected by war in Ukraine The prevalence of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks in South Africa has remained unchanged despite Secure List by Kaspersky reporting a 46% increase in DDoS attacks during the first quarter of 2022...
  9. Jan

    Top South African ISPs - April to May 2022

    South Africa's top ISPs ranked Cool Ideas continued its run as South Africa’s top-rated Internet service provider (ISP), followed by Home Connect, Supersonic, Afrihost, and Axxess. The report is based on 246,185 speed tests and customer satisfaction ratings collected through the MyBroadband...
  10. Jan

    Mweb's terms and conditions would take you 2 hours to read

    One South African ISP has T&Cs that take 2 hours to read It will take over 2 hours to read through all the terms and conditions related to buying a broadband service from Mweb. It was one of the findings from a comparison of the length of the terms and conditions from prominent South African...
  11. Jan

    1Gbps fibre prices compared

    The Ferrari of Internet connections in South Africa pricing compared Among prominent South African ISPs, RSAWeb and Webafrica offer consumers the most affordable 1 Gbps fibre packages across four of the country's biggest fibre networks, a MyBroadband analysis shows. We compared the 1 Gbps...
  12. LeeeoyM

    Afrihost Fibre down for 1 week

    Good day I have not had fibre for 1 week as the "LOS" has a red light flashing and i had contacted Afrihost which said that they had tried everything and had logged a ticket with openserve ,i downloaded the openserve application and saw that a ticket had been logged and the technician was...
  13. sangiro

    Afrihost Pure LTE (MTN) in the sticks

    I have been an Afrihost client since October 2021. In short, MTN in the sticks services/towers are over congested, especially from 15:00 to 22:00 daily, and/or they are throttling clients. I went through the LTE department (about 4 times) and @AfriNatic MTN Coverage Department has had every...
  14. G

    Moving from Vumatel to Openserver - B number missing

    Good day All, I am facing an issue I'm sure many people have faced before. Let me set the scene. We are moving to our new home at the end of May. We currently have Afrihost fibre running on Vumatel infrastructure. Our new home only has Openserve available, which means that we will need the B...
  15. Jan

    MetroFibre increases speeds - FTTH price comparison

    Fibre price war in South Africa — MetroFibre throws down the gauntlet Comparing the latest fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) prices in South Africa from major fibre network operators (FNOs) shows that Vumatel is the most expensive for almost every speed. MetroFibre announced this week that it was...
  16. H

    DNS Settings For Github

    Hi all I have created my website via I am trying to deploy my site via my Afrihost registered domain. All is configured correctly on Github's side, but I am struggling with the DNS settings for Afrihost. What should the DNS settings look like on Afrihost side?
  17. Jan

    Basic website hosting prices compared

    How much it costs to host a basic website in South Africa Having a website for your brand is vital in the modern age, and South African businesses have a range of hosting providers from which to choose. It is crucial that you choose the right hosting service for your needs to ensure that you...
  18. Jan

    Angus MacRobert's path from telecoms CEO to successful tech investor

    Angus MacRobert — From top telecoms CEO to successful tech investor Angus MacRobert is one of South Africa's most successful telecommunications leaders and tech investors who have made a tremendous mark on the ICT industry. MacRobert started his career as an article clerk at Deloitte, after...
  19. Jan

    Upgrading to 500 Mbps Openserve fibre on Afrihost Client Zone tested

    I upgraded to 500 Mbps Openserve fibre through Afrihost — and it is great I upgraded from 200 Mbps to 500 Mbps Openserve fibre using Afrihost’s easy-to-use client zone and must now figure out what to do with the extra bandwidth. Openserve launched its new 500 Mbps fibre-to-the-home service in...
  20. Hanno Labuschagne

    YouTube unwatchable on Afrihost and Webafrica

    YouTube unwatchable on Afrihost and Webafrica Google servers used by several Internet service providers in South Africa are facing overwhelming network traffic, causing major problems when streaming video from YouTube. Afrihost and Webafrica fibre broadband subscribers reported the issue on...