1. R

    Afrihost - Poor Service

    A manager named Ronnie was supposed to call me yesterday about my Cellc Fixed Wireless package, however to my disappointment I received no call. I never had a problem with Afrihost before... In the last week I have been really disappointed and disgusted with the service I am receiving. Please...
  2. H

    Unable to view balance

    Hi, Sorry if this question has already been asked, but does anyone else have issues where data shows 0mb when checking the data balance in client zone?
  3. T

    Afrihost, you were the chosen ones :(

    Hi there I was without internet for the month of October and needed just one months worth of data from someone. I saw on Afrihosts site that there was a sim only cell c 100gb deal where its month to month. there were others with a router, but you had to pay 999 if you cancelled after one month...
  4. B

    Google Chrome- "Your connection is not private"

    Trying to connect to Afrihost to view my e-mails I get the above message with "Attackers might be trying to steal your info." Typing in "" the url states "not secure" and https is crossed out. This does not happen using internet explorer. Even googling www afrihost. com then...
  5. S

    Afrihost theft and blatant ignorance.

    Dear Afrihost. Seeing as you steal money, I have decided to take legal action against you. Seeing as you don't care for your clients, and don't bother fixing this after 3 weeks, I have decided to return the favor.
  6. Jade @ ZA Domains

    Advice Needed - Axxess or Coolideas

    Howzit guys, Need some advice here. Long story, but please read and advise I had made contact with Cool Ideas a few months back in order to transfer existing line from Telkom to them as they are able to offer 200MB on Openserve's network and Telkom are not. Cool ideas advised that because Im...
  7. I

    Fixed LTE wireless

    Can anyone recommend the best fixed LTE wireless provider to move to? I am completely done with Afrihost and Cell C, very poor service from them. Nothing costly too as I am a student.
  8. antiadevilliers

    Afrihost, hopefully you'll answer me here.

    We have been with Afrihost for a couple of months now and have an LTE-A package with 110 GB per month. On Sunday, 07 October, we were connected to our WiFi the whole day, but could not access the internet. I sent a support email at about 19h01 after my husband discovered that our data was...
  9. I

    Cell C fixed wireless LTE

    My cell C fixed wireless has been down for 2 days now. Since Friday afternoon. Anyone else experiencing this problem? I’m in Hatfield, Pretoria. It’s so frustrating
  10. B

    Dissapearing data

    I have had an Afrihost LTE Rain router and data package for close to a year now. Hardly ever ran out of data until now. Last month my topup bill was R3000 additional to the R1500pm package that I have. I have contacted Afrihost several times to find out what is going on but still no answer. My...
  11. P

    Afrihost Fibre & support

    Hi Everyone, I used to be super impressed with Afrihost. We were a corporate client for years and I found their service levels to be excellent and we also set up a number of private accounts for ourself (myself) included. The last year and the migration to Fibre has been super frustrating: 1 -...
  12. I

    AFRIHOST 160ms to -> 190-200ms

    How does this actually happen? After 6 months of having perfect pings, now its gone to ****, with packet loss in certain situations. A friend who lives 3 units away using Cool Ideas still has perfect pings... how does this happen? Getting irritated.
  13. P

    Afrihost, I wanted to believe in you...

    TL;DR Cannot login to ClientZone. Need to change +27 to a 0 on my cell number of my Afrihost account so that OTP can be obtained. In order to do so, they want me to produce a little less than my soul :P...
  14. G

    Afrihost capped fibre - No 300GB option

    I am on Afrihost/Openserve fibre with 20mbps uncapped home fibre. I have seen my usage hovers at about 200GB or just over that per month. I want to increase my line speed without dramatically increasing my monthly spend so was looking at 100mbps line with capped data . But Afrihost offers...
  15. D

    How do i get hold of afrihost ???!!!!!!!

    They have changed their call centre, you can not call them anymore, they will call you. Still waiting..... The new WhatsApp support does not work. I've been holding for half an hour on Live-Chat. We've been having constant problems the last 2 weeks with them. They are more off than on. Now...
  16. J

    Afrihost's trying really hard!!!

    I am sitting here, can't sleep so I thought I would come and see What is / has happened thats worth reading on My Broadband as I find lot's to keep me busy. And low and behold I see Afrihost Support Form!!! Now i think to myself yet another 'Best ISP' support channel of the 99999 Million that...
  17. C

    Another Afrihost Exodus

    Its a sad day when you have to finally accept that it's time to move on. We have been having ongoing issues with being throttled during peak times to 10Mb download on a 100+ premium uncapped account on vumatel fibre. Off-Peak... no problems. After logging several tickets with all the test...
  18. D

    Afrihost congestion (on OpenServe) getting worse

    hi, I've had my 20Mbit Afrihost connection since October 2017. I've been exceedingly happy with it, but things are starting to deteriorate. I've been monitoring my link latency since Jan 2018. It's been pretty good, but April is when the problems started. See the graph below for a trend...
  19. K

    Afrihost Unshaped Capped - Terrible International Ping - Help me diagnose

    As the title suggest Getting terrible Intermittent Ping to international services of late( +- last 3 days) Super frustrated and can't seem to figure out the issue at hand. Afrihost states that The Eastern Cape Region is fine? Why such bad Upload speed for a 20mb line? Here are the stats...
  20. G

    Afrihost alternative

    Hi all... I'm looking for a VODACOM powered alternative to the Afrihost ISP (which is MTN powered ) terms of mobile data ONLY deals...If anyone could advise that would be great....! Many thanks..