1. J

    MTN and Afrihost mobile product dissapearing data monthly when hitting 100mb left

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum, would like to know if anybody else is experiencing this problem, or if you guys have any advice. So I bought into the R99 a month (think its R110 now after the vat increases) mobile package of Afrihost which they offer with MTN for cellphones. It is suppose to come...
  2. V

    Afrihost mobile data down since Saturday

    On Saturday Afrihost’s mobile data went offline, and is still offline. No communication from them to me explain what is going on and what they are busy doing to resolve it. I am very disappointed in how they are handling this.
  3. D

    Afrihost customer banking details compromised?

    Has anyone else experienced that your banking details have been compromised since updating it with Afrihost on their clientzone? I requested a answer from AH in this regard, as to recent server data breaches - they never replied.
  4. J

    Fibre line installed but no ONT Device - What now?

    Hi All, So I applied for Fibre from Afrihost using Openserve, got my router delivered and a few weeks later an OpenServe technician arrived onsite to perform the Fibre installation. So all that went well except that the OpenServe was requiring an "order" number from Afrihost to complete...
  5. K

    TTConnect + Afrihost Fibre. Unable to get IP after router change

    Hi, I have a working fibre installation, TTConnect + Afrihost. However when I swap the router the WAN interface does not get an IP (defaults to A few observations 1. On day of final install (2 Mar 2018) - plugged in laptop directly onto the media converter - got an IP...
  6. N

    Why is Afrihost Support so slow and bad

    Good day to everyone on this forum I used to use Afrihost Capped DSL, and was fairly happy with them. I tried out another provider for about 6 months, and when I came back to Afrihost, I was absolutely shocked by the way their support seems to have deteriorated. I was overbilled on my...
  7. K

    Afrihost Rain LTE-A Alternative

    Hi, I switched "up" from my asdl to LTE-A with Afrihost towards the latter part of last year. Besides the delivery, speed, signal and service issues :mad:, I have a few a questions I'm hoping the community can help with. Come the 6 months period, if their service has not improved, I'm...
  8. S

    Rain LTE via Afrihost - Possible network tampering

    Hey All, Switched to Rain LTE via Afrihost two months or so ago, and I have to say it is terrible. Their support of the service is terrible, the speed is not at all what was advertised, and the stability(even with a ethernet connection) is horrible. Packets are constantly being dropped. At...
  9. YourKaptain

    Rain LTE/LTE-A Routers - Stock Availability

    Hi all, I signed up for Afrihost's Fixed Wireless Deal on Friday the 16th of February, with the free Huawei B315 Router, as it will suffice for my needs, but I have been told that the order is "Delayed by Distributor", which after chatting to their support, revealed that the IS no longer has...
  10. Z

    HG532F Router - Slow/Laggy Internet

    I have an HG532f router. Some of my wireless devices just loads internet content every couple of seconds and it seems like the internet has dropped even though the connections does not indicate that there is no internet. after a couple of seconds the connection will work again. I am with...
  11. K

    Afrihost RAIN seems inactive

    I bought the Fixed wireless Promo from afrihost and got it delivered on the 8th of Feb 2018. I have perfect coverage. When I viewed the router via the browser login, the sim appeared inactive with no network bar (grey'd out). Log multiple support tickets to Afrihost and didn't get a straight...
  12. D

    Afrihost - Worst Customer Service

    Afrihost & MTN - Worst Customer Service Following my previous mybroadband post, I have not received any response from Afrihost on this platform. I also sent through a PM that has not been responded to. I took some time to write out everything that has happened up until now, for the sake of...
  13. N

    Afrihost worse than Telkom?

    Afrihost worse than Telkom? Yes, Afrihost is far worse than Telkom or any other service provider. I was charged R529.35 at the beginning of January 2018 for a fibre line I never received- endless emails, complaints still no refund- still no-one contacting me to sort this out. According to...
  14. D

    Afrihost/MTN Refusing to blacklist stolen device

    My iPad Air 2 Wifi & Data was stolen in the first week of December last year. I have been trying to have it blacklisted for two months but Afrihost has constantly made excuses for not doing it. Now Afrihost has stopped responding to my emails altogether (for the last week). In the last two...
  15. J

    Afrihost & Pathetic service

    I have no words to describe my utter disappointment with Afrihost's service. The only reason I've not moved to another ISP is that they are probably all the same. They all have great technology and infrastructure etc but they all employ people that are completely useless and disinterested. They...
  16. D

    Afrihost LTE double data deal transfer

    Hi Is it possible to transfer an LTE 55GB double data deal to another person? Interested anyone? Also have the B618 @ R 999... I am finally getting fiber :) and do not want to wait out my 6 months... Ciao
  17. I

    No assistance from Afrihost or Internet Solutions. Rain network is down from 06 Dec

    Hi all. Please, advise what to do. I have fixed wireless from afrihost from 21 November 2017. In the evening of 6 December signal for rain disappeared completely. I can't get any feedback from Afrihost or internet solutions. I get only stupid advises to reboot or reset my router. Tested router...
  18. Jamie McKane

    Yes, Afrihost has 24-hour support

    Yes, Afrihost has 24-hour support The ASA has dismissed a complaint against Afrihost's 24-hour support claim.
  19. C

    Afrihost APN not working

    Hi I am trying to get some technical support from Afrihost with regards to the APN settings on my phone. I am unable to delete the existing MTN APNs on my phone, so I ended up just adding the "afrihost" APN. After numerous calls to Afrihost and some help, I am still unable to get this...
  20. N

    AFRIHOST/Vumatel Fibre Problems in Northcliff JHB

    Hello Folks, anyone else out there having terrible service from AFRIHOST/Vumatel ? I am beyond frustrated with their inability to answer emails (waiting time this far on mails up to 15 days - Ticket ID: ASX-712-94456 ); waiting time on-line 30+ mins that just then runs past 30 minutes or cuts...