1. RedViking

    PureVPN Logs Helped FBI

    I am not sure if this has been posted yet: Im glad they caught the guy! He deserves it. Then there is this: "Don't use VPN services. -" So my questions are...
  2. W

    Rain LTE Sim Card APN settings for CellPhone

    Hi all, I got the the Afrihost Rain LTE deal and received the Huawei B618 router and Rain LTE sim card, It works perfectly in the router and I'm getting really good speeds however in my phone it does not work. I have a Xiaomi note 4 Global version which supports Rain LTE bands however It does...
  3. Newsfeed

    Rain’s 50GB LTE-A deal is excellent value for money

    Rain’s 50GB LTE-A deal is excellent value for money Afrihost recently launched a Rain LTE-A 25GB+25GB package for R299 per month.
  4. Newsfeed

    Afrihost launches new Rain LTE-A package and free router deal

    Afrihost launches new Rain LTE-A package and free router deal Afrihost has launched a new 25GB+25GB LTE-A package on the Rain network.
  5. Anthro

    Afrihost Support Marking EMails as SPAM (Source MailServer - Gmail)

    Mate of mine needs some help from Afrihost support, he gets this :sick:
  6. E

    Afrihost data simcards deleted by MTN without warning after 6 months.

    MTN delete your Afrihost Simcard if no MTN airtime is loaded every 6 months, and it is not Afrihost problem, nor is it in their agreement. Hi there. I recently discovered that Afrihost data simcards were deleted by MTN after 6 months if no airtime was loaded on it. (You can do a...
  7. M

    Adsl issues since 1 July 2017

    So I am unfortunately in an area with no Fibre so I rely on my Adsl. I have a 10mb line but since 1 July 2017 I have had nothing above 6 mb that is stable. My calls keep getting closed, my line is escalated and never fixed. Numerous calls logged and spoken to managers with no resolution...
  8. O

    Afrihost fined R14 000 for sending spam emails

    MagicDude4Eva declared war on Afrihost.
  9. J

    Afrihost - Pure Internet FRUSTRATION

    So our area was upgraded on Wednesday, they cut us over to the new DSLAM and my stats have improved drastically. Currently I am getting a SNR of 27.7, att ration of 5.9 for down and 12 up. So everyone I know in the area we stay has been upgraded to 10MBPS but Im still sitting on 4MBPS, when I...
  10. Newsfeed

    Afrihost launches new Rain LTE-A deals with R999 router

    Afrihost launches new Rain LTE-A deals with R999 router Afrihost has launched new Rain LTE-A packages with a reduced setup cost.
  11. Newsfeed

    Afrihost launches R4,000-discount fibre promotion

    Afrihost launches R4,000-discount fibre promotion Afrihost has relaunched its fibre discount promotion, which gives new subscribers up to R4,000 off a fibre-to-the-home service [Afrihost promotion details here].
  12. M

    Fibre question/s regarding bandwidth

    So, put simply, I just wanna know who is "actually" in control of the bandwidth I receive on my fibre connection? I am with Vumatel and Afrihost. I have a 20/20 premium, uncapped connection; which at times works perfectly and other times not too well at all. I have read that many RSA lSPs...
  13. F

    Slow Speeds - High and unstable Ping Ref: - [#FVF-670-37602]

    I have been experiencing slow speeds and a high and unstable ping since I do not know when. I have a 2mbps line. My download speeds and upload speeds are fine, but the ping is terrible, which makes it impossible to stream anything. I am talking of a pings between 19 and 800mbps. It appears that...
  14. Newsfeed

    We raised concerns with MTN about LTE connection charges – Afrihost

    We raised concerns with MTN about LTE connection charges – Afrihost Afrihost has stated that it engaged with MTN about the network charging customers for “LTE connection data”.
  15. M

    How long do you usually wait for the ONT to be delivered?

    I recently put in an Afrihost fibre order. The Openserve installers were actually pretty quick and attempted to do the install just 3 days later (on a Thursday), the same day Afrihost delivered my new "fibre ready" router. However, there was a palm tree blocking the pole where the fibre was from...
  16. D

    My experience so far with getting fiber with afrihost/Openserve

    So i've had an interesting few weeks. Ordered a package with afrihost, i know everyone is saying stay away but I've used them before and had good service. Anyways lets get to the point. Ordered the package, next day router gets to my place, following day open serve phones to say they want...
  17. Jamie McKane

    Afrihost to cut its Openserve fibre prices

    Afrihost to cut its Openserve fibre prices Afrihost will be cutting its Openserve fibre-to-the-home prices from next month, and will also add more capacity to its network.
  18. I

    Issues with traceroute on Afrihost

    Hi there, I wonder if Afrihost can help me. I'm having issues with our capped account trace-routing to a particular email server and the issue is isolated to a Durban location. This same capped account is used in 3 other locations in Cape Town and Johannesburg and no issues with...
  19. P

    Installation taking forever with no useful feedback

    I've ordered the fibre bundle from Afrihost. The flat I'm in has a fibre line already installed (there when we moved in), the router has arrived from Afrihost, but I'm missing the bit in the middle. Afrihost tell me to wait on Telkom, and I have no way of knowing where Telkom is in the...
  20. simmakombe

    Fibre in Zeekoevlei (Cape Town)

    Afrihost and Openserve Fibre Tmeline 22 June - signed up for Openserve fibre from Afrihost 27 June - received my free router 04 July - received a call from Openserve, scheduled installation the following day 05 July - took a day off from work #excited, Openserve pulled a no-show :mad: 06 July...