1. I

    No assistance from Afrihost or Internet Solutions. Rain network is down from 06 Dec

    Hi all. Please, advise what to do. I have fixed wireless from afrihost from 21 November 2017. In the evening of 6 December signal for rain disappeared completely. I can't get any feedback from Afrihost or internet solutions. I get only stupid advises to reboot or reset my router. Tested router...
  2. Jamie McKane

    Yes, Afrihost has 24-hour support

    Yes, Afrihost has 24-hour support The ASA has dismissed a complaint against Afrihost's 24-hour support claim.
  3. C

    Afrihost APN not working

    Hi I am trying to get some technical support from Afrihost with regards to the APN settings on my phone. I am unable to delete the existing MTN APNs on my phone, so I ended up just adding the "afrihost" APN. After numerous calls to Afrihost and some help, I am still unable to get this...
  4. N

    AFRIHOST/Vumatel Fibre Problems in Northcliff JHB

    Hello Folks, anyone else out there having terrible service from AFRIHOST/Vumatel ? I am beyond frustrated with their inability to answer emails (waiting time this far on mails up to 15 days - Ticket ID: ASX-712-94456 ); waiting time on-line 30+ mins that just then runs past 30 minutes or cuts...
  5. O

    Afrihost Fibre FAIL STILL!!!

    We have been using :sick: Afrihost fiber solution :sick: Vumatel. 50Mbs+ fiber is pretty fast, on paper, but in reality it is pretty slow if you are with Afrihost. We have been experiencing so many intermittend speeds that you can actually pick any number and that we have been. What about...
  6. B

    Afrihost Fibre FAIL!!!

    Our area recently got fibre. Having been a long standing customer of Afrihost, I went with them for a 20mb 200gb capped package and was guaranteed there would be no throttling or shaping. Day 1, their call center got my order number wrong but still charged me for connection as at that day and...
  7. cyb3rt

    Fiber Coverage - OpenServe PTA East

    Howzit guys, I am hoping someone on here could assist me in explaining or possibly even helping in some way. I have a fiber "buddy box" installed against my house already (in a complex) and I noticed a couple of weeks ago that the area is covered but it would seem that only my complex is...
  8. JaimeLopes777

    Telkom won't run a cable into our office??

    So we have refurbished a shop in a retail park, completely gutted the interior and rebuilt. I asked telkom to do a VDSL line install there and when the tech arrives he is looking at the walls for a point and I'm like... "everything here is new there is no point" So the tech tells me that we...
  9. 0

    Rain LTE-A on Mikrotik SXT LTE

    Hi all Just wondering, I just ordered a Rain Sim from Afrihost, and was wondering if the SXT LTE will be on the allowed devices to connect to the network since now they are blocking cellular devices from accessing their network. The SXT LTE can connect to the network and is not a phone...
  10. G

    Afrihost LTE

    Anyone else finding that Afrihost LTE has just stopped working a few days ago, and never came back. On 31 October around 10PM, my internet just cut out (it wasn't capped, I had over 20GB left), and it hasn't been back on since then. Customer Care keeps telling me to try turning it off and on...
  11. R

    APN Disappeared?

    I should have figured out the following sequence of events sooner, but somehow didn't. I noticed on the ClientZone portal last week that I had about R140 airtime available. Then I got an SMS over the weekend saying my airtime was finished, after not making many calls, and shortly after my...
  12. D

    Fibre Static IP Addresses

    We have a small business which operates from home and at the moment we have 5 static IP addresses with MWEB ADSL. Vumatel is in the process of finalising fibre in our area. According to WebAfrica and Mweb, they can't offer us static IP addresses on a Vumatel Fibre connection. Is this correct or...
  13. Newsfeed

    Afrihost launches Rain LTE-A SIM-only deals

    Afrihost launches Rain LTE-A SIM-only deals Afrihost has launched SIM-only LTE-A packages which run on the Rain network.
  14. RedViking

    PureVPN Logs Helped FBI

    I am not sure if this has been posted yet: Im glad they caught the guy! He deserves it. Then there is this: "Don't use VPN services. -" So my questions are...
  15. W

    Rain LTE Sim Card APN settings for CellPhone

    Hi all, I got the the Afrihost Rain LTE deal and received the Huawei B618 router and Rain LTE sim card, It works perfectly in the router and I'm getting really good speeds however in my phone it does not work. I have a Xiaomi note 4 Global version which supports Rain LTE bands however It does...
  16. Newsfeed

    Rain’s 50GB LTE-A deal is excellent value for money

    Rain’s 50GB LTE-A deal is excellent value for money Afrihost recently launched a Rain LTE-A 25GB+25GB package for R299 per month.
  17. Newsfeed

    Afrihost launches new Rain LTE-A package and free router deal

    Afrihost launches new Rain LTE-A package and free router deal Afrihost has launched a new 25GB+25GB LTE-A package on the Rain network.
  18. Anthro

    Afrihost Support Marking EMails as SPAM (Source MailServer - Gmail)

    Mate of mine needs some help from Afrihost support, he gets this :sick:
  19. E

    Afrihost data simcards deleted by MTN without warning after 6 months.

    MTN delete your Afrihost Simcard if no MTN airtime is loaded every 6 months, and it is not Afrihost problem, nor is it in their agreement. Hi there. I recently discovered that Afrihost data simcards were deleted by MTN after 6 months if no airtime was loaded on it. (You can do a...