1. akuma

    Afrihost Fibre Failure

    I applied for FTTH 5+ weeks back(!) I've been attempting to get a commitment from them, here's the exchange: Have yet to receive so much a courtesy call. Nothing but empty string-along promises and a gaping void of service. :mad:
  2. N

    Britelink / Fibrehoods fibre journey through hell

    So im not sure if i took all the fibre installation horror stories i had heard for granted before i embarked on my journey through hell in order to install fibre, but oh boy i should've. So the story starts with my back and front hassling and multiple account application and deletion with...
  3. I

    No internet ..

    @AfriGenie I send you a PM. Appreciate some help. My internet's been down since 21 June. (Bundled, account) DSL LED on, internet LED off (Red). Not my profile as I can't connect to guest@telkomadsl There is a Telkom fault open: I'm not feeling the joy..
  4. nemo415

    Beware - MTN may recycle your Afrihost sim card if not used within 90 days!

    The TL;DR version of the scrubbed chat transcript below: - 500MB Afrihost sim received with Redmi phone stopped working yesterday - Tried the basic troubleshooting of another sim in the device, and a different device, no joy, problem isolated to SIM card - Afrihost support said MTN recycled...
  5. M

    Axxess vs Afrihost Capped ADSL

    Hi Guys, So I currently have a 150GB Capped DSL Unshaped data bundle with Afrihost. There are loads of threads with the differences between Axxess and Afrihost. But nothing recent and nothing comparing the "unshapped" capped account of Afrihost with a capped account on Axxess. Anyway...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Afrihost partners with Fibrehoods

    Afrihost partners with Fibrehoods Afrihost has partnered with Fibrehoods to expand its list of fixed-broadband providers.
  7. Kevin Lancaster

    Afrihost cutting Openserve fibre prices

    Afrihost cutting Openserve fibre prices Afrihost is cutting Openserve fibre package prices, the company announced. The company said the price cuts are in response to recent IPC price reductions from Openserve.
  8. R

    When we getting fibre in Sunward Park?

    Fibre was installed in my street in June 2016 but still not available to order in Sunward Park.What is the holdup,how long does this process take?
  9. M

    Reliable and Consistent Alternatives to Afrihost

    Hi everybody :) Afrihost has been terrible in the evenings and I am on a 20 Mbps Premium Uncapped account. The service is completely unusable in the evenings. Which DSL ISP have you found to be reliable and consistent for someone who clocks in around 600 - 800 GB a month? I don't mind...
  10. M

    What is the best DSL setup I can get on a budget of R1,120 per month?

    I am in digs with 7 other Rhodes University students. The pings are too high and we have never experienced full line speed. Before I moved in, they had a WISP called iGen ( they were paying for a symmetrical 6 Mbps connection. When I moved in this year, I decided to free the digs...
  11. I

    Afrihost's DSL soft-capping flaw.

    Good morning, Yesterday our DSL account data capped, causing the account to fall under the heavily throttled "soft-capping benefits" provided by Afrihost+ Plus. This soft-capping is throttled to 128kbits per second, which i don't think is the case, as speedtest show 20kbits/s. As a whole...
  12. B

    No customer service from AFRIHOST, they do not care for their customers

    Does anybody have any advice on how to have Afrihost resolve a line issue? Our internet line has been dropping for the last month. Every time we log a problem with them , they escalate it to Telkom. Telkom tells them the problem has been resolved, we receive an automated email that the...
  13. N

    I need a new ISP.Here's what I know...

    As the title suggests... ISP's that are out in my opinion Afrihost- Been with them for years; no complaints until I started running part of my business from home and I had to use a VPN provider for security reasons. I have zero issues 20 hours a day but between 18:00 and 23:00 give or...
  14. N

    Afrihost ADSL package for Netflix

    Hey peeps I have a telkom line at home - would love to get Netflix soon. Would having an ADSL Afrihost package of 100 Gigs per month ( R 99) be enough for Netflix? I am on a tight budget and therefore cannot afford to have an uncapped package. Thanks Nadia
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    Afrihost launches new capped fibre packages

    Afrihost launches new capped fibre packages Afrihost has launched new capped fibre packages. The packages start at just over R400 per month, and Afrihost stated that it has partnered with more fibre providers to offer greater coverage.
  16. F


    So I applied for Afrihost fibre the other day through TT Connect, and an email said I will be contacted by TT Connect for installation. That hasn't happened. My house is still on the Afrihost map for fibre, but it has been removed from the updated TT Connect map. So, can I get fibre at my...
  17. F

    Kodi + Afrihost - Blocking/Throttling

    Hi, Does anybody have any experience with Kodi and Afrihost throttling? I have an Uncapped 10Mb account and no VPN. My service is 'acceptable', but not really the best, (buffering and so on). I was wondering if others have a better experience. Thanks FFMG
  18. nemo415

    Afrihost to no longer offer capped packages <100GB

    Got this email from Afrihost, and noticed a few weeks ago I could not sign up for a new 20GB package. Looks like I need to take my R29 bucks to Axxess
  19. Anthro

    Anthro's Experience - OpenServe + Afrihost Fibre

    Kudo's to OpenserveZA .. ordered fibre last week.. They called me just now - installing TOMORROW !!! 159535031 **IBIWISI But still. ? Unlke WebAfrica, these guys actionally ran with the ball and placed my order FAST
  20. marine1

    Afrihost are criminals - Opening a case of of theft against them

    Afrihost are stealing data So the other day, I posted a thread detailing my loss of data on their prepaid. I added prepaid data and my data, almost 1 gig disappeared in a matter of seconds. Numerous mails back and forth and they are saying it was my side. So here is the kicker!!!! I...