1. A

    How long does it take for afrihost to upgrade your ADSL line speed?

    I have moved over to Afrihost for little over 2 weeks and i still havent had my ADSL Line synced to 8MB/s. How long does it usually take for them to upgrade your ADSL Line?
  2. T

    Switch to AfriHost - Destination net unreachable

    I moved into a new flat and my landlady had an ADSL account with Telkom. My company says they'll pay for my internet at home if I switch to AfriHost. I've purchased another product from AfriHost on the company's account (100GB DSL - line NOT managed by AfriHost). This new product is active. Time...
  3. S

    Set up Afrihost DNS to map to Azure

    I am trying use my domain that is hosted on afrihost and set up the DNS so people access my azure website. I am looking through some examples but they mention DNS's that I don't see in Afrihost and I don't want to take a chance editing DNS records and messing it. Can anyone offer some...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    How Afrihost buying itself back from MTN will affect customers

    How Afrihost buying itself back from MTN will affect customers MTN has answered questions about what to expect when Afrihost buys itself back from the operator.
  5. Kevin Lancaster

    Afrihost buying back controlling stake from MTN

    Afrihost buying back controlling stake from MTN MTN has announced it plans to dispose of its 50.02% shareholding in Afrihost.
  6. I

    ADSL providers? [Long]

    Hi guys I'm a fairly serious internet user; I spend most of my time on Twitch/Youtube or playing Dota. My family (3 other) also use quite a large amount of our data. A few months ago I moved from Afrihost's 4mbps uncapped to Mweb because I was getting unplayable ping and abysmal download...
  7. J

    hosting - afrihost

    Hi guys, I currently have a Gold Home Linux Hosting with afrihost. I want to upgrade to a dedicated server of sorts. Do they transfer all my home/data from my current gold package to the newly selected product? Or how does it work? I wanted to call them to ask, but their operating...
  8. O

    Sycing Professional email to save on gmail email

    Hi I need advice. I want to get my business professional email and stop using or onedrive? I see the cheapest package comes with 300 MB. Is there a way to set the emails to save on my email? Just to ensure that I don't fill up the 300 MB? Many thanks.
  9. L

    Every time I deal with Afrihost I marvel that they're as big a company as they are

    DISCLAIMER: All of the situations mentioned here have been concluded and resolved and there is no need to address anything here with a mind to helping me find resolution - I'm simply venting frustration I truly have nothing against the guys I speak to at Afrihost but my god is it frustrating...
  10. N

    High Latency to EU Blizzard Servers - Afrihost 4mb capped

    Hi gentlemen and ladies After having a really pleasant time playing the Overwatch beta and getting around 160 - 180ms on my 4mb capped Afrihost line, I was rather unpleasantly surprised to discover that after the game's launch, I am now getting around 300ms. Using Blizzard's looking glass...
  11. Kevin Lancaster

    Afrihost wants to buy back shares from MTN: source

    Afrihost wants to buy back shares from MTN: source Afrihost’s directors have made an offer to MTN to buy back MTN’s 50% stake in their company.
  12. Kevin Lancaster

    What it takes to work at Afrihost

    What it takes to work at Afrihost Afrihost is one of South Africa’s top Internet service providers – here’s what it looks for in employees who maintain its high service standards.
  13. M

    ISPAfrika Installation and Speed Tests

    Hi Guys, thought I would share my experience here as I am sure many are looking for reliable fiber providers. Line: 20 mbps 10GB capped fiber for R549 using Telkom Fiber. Data: 200Gb capped Afrihost with Afrihost+ which doubles data making it 400gb daily data and uncapped from midnight to...
  14. Kevin Lancaster

    Afrihost Mobile clients get 1GB free data

    Afrihost Mobile clients get 1GB free data Afrihost is giving its mobile data subscribers 1GB of free data as an apology for a recent data outage.
  15. Kevin Lancaster

    What you will be asked in an Afrihost job interview

    What you will be asked in an Afrihost job interview Afrihost sheds light on what it is looking for in employees, and what the interview process at the company involves.
  16. W

    Is ADSL bonding a worthwhile option in South Africa?

    I'm considering moving to Napier, but hear the internet only goes up to 4Mbs. I'd like at least 10Mbs for video conferencing and video streaming. Is ADSL bonding still a worthwhile option in SA? I see some articles from 2010-2012, but I chatted to Afrihost, MWeb and Vox today and nobody...
  17. P

    A data solution for Brackenfell, Cape Town

    I need help. At our premises at 64 Gemini street, Brackenfell, Telkom can only offer a max of 4 mbps line. This is way to slow for us, as we have some other branches connecting to the Brackenfell office. We need about 60 Gig of data per month and according to our software provider at least 10...
  18. R

    Axxess "resync" problem

    How many people is experiencing this "RESYNC" problem with axxess or any other provider? I have about 8 Accounts as a reseller of axxess service that is giving me a problem and every time axxess come back to me with they need to resync the account. Every Time they resync the account and then...
  19. D

    Why is Afrihost Service so BAD and why is there no MANAGEMENT when requested

    Morning, My query is why is there no Management getting back to a person if faulty line was reported on 22/03/2016 and till today NO SERVICE. THE WORST IS WHEN CREDIT Note is requested for NO SERVICE then im told that YOU CAN'T GET ONE. I am skeptic on how AFRIHOST won their previous ISP of the...