1. Kevin Lancaster

    Awesome new fibre products from Afrihost

    Awesome new fibre products from Afrihost Afrihost has announced the launch of its new fibre-to-the-home products.
  2. M

    Afrihost connections being blocked by mweb.

    Hi I have a rather weird issue. My office uses Mweb (historical reasons, would take a lot to shift them off it), and my personal account is with afrihost. The office runs various servers (including exchange) on their ADSL link (bad idea, I know, but again legacy reasons). I can access the...
  3. N

    ADSL slow speeds

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help troubleshoot this problem. Issue is that during business hours my adsl speeds drop drastically and is flappy. So I'll have good speeds for a couple minutes then really bad speeds other times. This is a long standing problem and didn't really bother me...
  4. F

    Afrihost R1 "once for" claim misleading

    I ordered a R1 "once off" Afrihost mobile service on Monday and was charged R1 when I signed up and R1 for October. The site very clearly says once off, as does Gian's email. I emailed support and accounts about this error, support replied saying contact accounts (who were CC'd in my original...
  5. P

    Why MTN

    AfriHost and Axxes both offer their mobile data on the MTN network. I was wondering why exactly did they choose MTN, or was it the only one that allowed them to do this?. Just a little curiousity on a boring Saturday night
  6. D

    Afrihost offerings on Vumatel / Fibrehoods / DFA?

    With Afrihost buying themselves back from MTN one can only assume they are going to offer FTTH packages with Vumatel, Fibrehoods, DFA and all the others. Does anyone have any idea when they might announce this? I was with them for 7 or 8 years before I got fibre. Their service is much...
  7. Praeses

    Afrihost support

    I am currently a WA subscriber but I've decided to give the R1 Afrihost promo a try. I've sent an e-mail to their support e-mail address and NOT EVEN 5 minutes later, I get a call from them. Now that's what I call great service. I've experienced the complete opposite from WA - you're lucky...
  8. Kevin Lancaster

    Afrihost ADSL Promotion: R1 for any account

    Afrihost ADSL Promotion: R1 for any account Afrihost has launched a R1 Steal Promotion, where people can sign up for any capped or uncapped account for R1.
  9. Kevin Lancaster

    Huge Afrihost ADSL data bonus

    Huge Afrihost ADSL data bonus Afrihost’s capped ADSL subscribers are in for a treat, thanks to the company’s latest promotion.
  10. X

    Afrihost unbale to resolve DSL users DNS resolve issue

    I am at my wits’end about this problem with Afrihost. I am considering getting professional help resolving this so a recommendation for who to use would be appreciated. The problem is that Afrihost ADSL users are resolved to IP when they attempt to browse to the website...
  11. S

    Afrihost Lost my Mobile Router

    I logged a repair request for my mobile router. I personally handed the device to the courier on the 12th of June. I then waited a few weeks, but nothing happened. I then started my endless journey with Afrihost meaningless support. My query was escalated to warehouse support. Warehouse support...
  12. J

    To T or not to T

    Okay, so I have a 10mbps line with Telkom and 100gb softcap product. No major issues with the line in general, and very rarely have to phone for help. Wonderful! And unusual. In the meanwhile I've gotten Netflix and at 1080p, between myself and my cousin, we are easily hitting cap every month...
  13. Kevin Lancaster

    Afrihost planning new exciting products

    Afrihost planning new exciting products Afrihost said it has many exciting plans for its products, which the company will announce soon.
  14. J

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 wont let me access router login

    I've recently installed Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 on my Windows 10 laptop and now cannot access my router login / admin page. I've tried adding Chrome and IE as programme exclusions, completely exiting the programme as well as MalwareBytes - nothing works. I can access the admin page from...
  15. O

    Axxess vs Afrihost

    Hello everyone. For the past couple of months, I have been having serious issues with my 4Mb uncapped Telkom adsl line. These issues may or my not have been Telkom's fault, but I have reached the point where I don't want to have anything to do with them ever again. This leads to the...
  16. Kevin Lancaster

    How much Afrihost is paying MTN to buy back its shares

    How much Afrihost is paying MTN to buy back its shares MTN’s latest financial results show that Afrihost is buying back its shares for much less than what MTN paid two years ago.
  17. E

    3 Years later with Afrihost and still complaining

    Standing 3 years later and I yet to do 1 successful transaction with Afrihost. Not to fear, we will try and try and try again. Note: I am not joking! I have all their ticket history to proof it. History. -I tried hosting several times over the past 3 years. Either their services is down, get...
  18. R

    MTN Sh@relink Y858 change APN to Afrihost

    Hi All My dad has an MTN Sh@relink Y858 (Based on the Alcatel One Touch Y858) WiFi Router. We've decided to move to an Afrihost account and I need to change the APN to the Afrihost APN from the MTN APN. I was able to add the Afrihost APN but it's not allowing me to change the active...
  19. A

    How long does it take for afrihost to upgrade your ADSL line speed?

    I have moved over to Afrihost for little over 2 weeks and i still havent had my ADSL Line synced to 8MB/s. How long does it usually take for them to upgrade your ADSL Line?
  20. T

    Switch to AfriHost - Destination net unreachable

    I moved into a new flat and my landlady had an ADSL account with Telkom. My company says they'll pay for my internet at home if I switch to AfriHost. I've purchased another product from AfriHost on the company's account (100GB DSL - line NOT managed by AfriHost). This new product is active. Time...