1. Bhoza

    MT5 FX Loading past deals on chart Error fix

    Greetings, before we go any further I know the maybe better platforms for this question but I just feel like this site has experts in all fields since I am yet to be disappointed sow ... For some reason, I can't seem to load my past trades on my trading chatting by dragging and dropping from my...
  2. J

    WeTransfer multiple contacts error

    Hey guys hope this is an okay section to post this question? We've been having this weird error with W/T at work, we have an account with them that we all can use to upload stuff for our clients. However, of late, there is an error that has been cropping up (it started at one point then...
  3. J

    Canon DSLR Error

    Hi I've got a Canon EOS 600D I bought from Game some five (or more) years ago. It is stored in a bag, and safely so. Never exposed to water. In fact I have not used it all that much. Yet, I started experiencing an issue where an error would come onto the screen, something like "Error 01 - can't...
  4. T

    Afrihost Canadian Website Delivery Issues

    Hi All, I recently had a prospected client from Canada that told me he can't access my website. I started to probe and found that all my sites WordPress and HTML cant be accessed from Canada using Then I went deeper to check all my sites on Host Gator and Hetzner, and sure as...
  5. RedViking

    Happy Mentions Day!

    On 12 December 2018 the @mention tag was revived and the news was proudly announced: and some never lost faith in the system and those maintaining it. It was taken away from us before the sun could set, we were left in darkness with no voice to shout, but it was brought back at sun rise...
  6. F

    OpenServe Fibre connection errors

    Hi, I'm having issues where I am blocked from using Google services online or even local websites. Every 30min or so my connection drops and I can't access any website for about 1-2min. The web page will just return with a 'Server not Found' error. It's driving me nuts! my mail client also keeps...
  7. B has stopped working

    Hi all, I need help with the above error please. I have an old S5. The error keeps popping up on the screen and the music player/gallery is acting up. Things I have tried to no avail: 1) Removed SD Card. 2) Wiped Cache Partition using CWM Recovery 3) Wiped Dalvik Cache using CWM...
  8. NeonNinja

    WhatsApp video file sending error

    So, I made a video recording of my screen. File came up to about 250 odd MB for 14 minutes. I tried sending this to a recipient in WhatsApp, but I failed. Transferred to PC, converted it to MP4 and a much lower bit rate, file is now 64MB. But I still can't send the video. Error is as follows...
  9. D

    Vodacom Network Connectivity Issue on Apps

    Good Day Everyone, I could really use some advice please. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Vodacom on contract. I am curently experiencing the following issues: Cannot send and receive media through Whatsapp on mobile data (Wi-Fi works fine) Facebook media doesn't show media on...
  10. powermzii

    FNB App not recognising my Username

    Has been happening for a few days now - i enter my username (the same one i use on the web) and it returns an error that the username is not valid for IB. I enter the same username on wen and am able to log on So i delinked my phone (on the web) and uninstalled the app. Reinstalled and i am...
  11. M

    Mweb fibre help

    Hi! Got fibre from mweb yesterday but i have no connection! I received my router yesterday and followed every step but i do not have access to the internet. I used the login details sent to me by sms . I was told to add to my username. I did that but my internet light is red and...
  12. T

    MicroSoft Outlook Search

    Morning guys, This is the error message i get when trying to run a search in Outlook 2016, yes i am running as a administrator. Any suggestions?
  13. K

    blackberry error

    hello everyone i have a blackberrry 9720 and it says supplementary error general error how do i fix this and also i cant connect the phone to my pc because when i do it start chaging...the clock comes up how to do i fix these problems?
  14. G

    DSL-2750u Disconnecting every few seconds

    Hi All, Well the title pretty much sums up my problem.. I hope someone will be able to help me.. (My question, last paragraph if you don't like reading :D) Long version: I've had this router for about 5months, never gave me a problem. But since 3/4 days ago it drops its connection every...
  15. T

    LG G3 - Unfortunately, Home has stopped

    Hi all, I have been getting the error "Unfortunately, Home has stopped" countless times a day on my LG G3, it pops up and after selecting "OK", there is a few seconds delay and then home screen appears again :mad:. It usually happens after going out of Gmail or Whatsapp. I have read some...
  16. S

    Spotify not working

    Anyone here using Spotify? Mine was working fine until yesterday. Been using it for the last few months, and now it's not working and wondering if anyone else is having the same problems. Hope this is the right sub-forum to put this. I have been purchasing codes so that I can use it, plus I have...
  17. C

    Windows 7 BSOD help please

    Hi Guys Please help, searched everywhere and don't know whats wrong my PC (HP DV6 Laptop with Windows 7). I received this bluescreen about 2 weeks ago Thank You in advance
  18. L

    Blame Game

    TL;DR Version My Boss suspected person X screwed up his month/year end financial reports beyond recognition. I prove to the boss that it was not user error but rather a software error. The software support company agrees with me and starts looking for the problem on the software side. Boss calls...
  19. M

    Telkom Online Bill Problems

    Hey Peeps, So I've been trying to pay my bill for over a month and every time I try to go to the link I get the same error. Ill post a screenshot here and maybe someone can help me out. Im running mac osx maverics if that helps. Let me know if you can think of anything, Cheers...
  20. M

    Need Help from some Gurus!

    Hey Guys I really need some help! I am trying to install Razer Synapse 2.0 on windows 8.1 but when I try and install it i get a 1402 error (will provide a screenshot). I have tried all the help on the net and have come up with no results :( would really appreciate the help of a guru for this...