1. I

    Cheapest SSL certificates in South Africa

    Hi guys! I'm looking for the cheapest SSL certificates from a SA-based company as I don't wish to pay with a card and prefer local support (proximity also enables you to go slap someone that screws up, hehe :D). No, I'm not interessted in the "free" stuff - I just want a good certificate from...
  2. NeonNinja

    Esquire breaks the record - cheapest modem ever!

    Previously MyBB had: And now Esquire has: Well done!
  3. G

    Which is the cheapest ADSL Line rental at the moment?

    I am looking for a line with 4mbps speed. Please help. Maybe you could post a list of different companies and there options in a table format?:D Similar to the one at this thread but that is outdated, so...
  4. PseudZ

    Where to get the Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S3?

    Hi all, I am just wondering where I could get the 32GB Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S3 cheapest? I have looked around but thought I would ask as well to see. Either a reputable online store or somewhere in Cape Town. Thanks
  5. D

    Where to buy? Cheapest? Closest?

    hi guys, wanna get in on the BBM action and stuff and ive always wanted a smartphone so i want to get the Blackberry 8520 Curve but im having a hard time finding it, anyone know where i can get it the cheapest without a contract? just the actual phone :) and does anyone know if this site...
  6. S

    Cheapest 4mbps ADSL line?? Fastest way to migrate ADSL line??

    Hey guys... I need help with to things: 1. Cheapset 4mbps ADSL line? I wanted to know where I can get the cheapest 4mbps ADSL line. I know that Telkom is selling it for R413 per month. I've heard that other ISPs are selling it below this price, but you need to migrate your line to them...