1. S

    Moving to Cape Town in Feb 2019

    Greetings all!! Moving to Cape Town in February next year and needing some info on areas to stay (the good, the bad, the ugly), traffic routes, etc. We plan on buying (~R3.5m) as this seems the better options with rent prices being quite high! The daily commute will be to Groote Schuur hospital...
  2. K

    Best value adsl for gaming

    Hey guys, I'm staying in Claremont, Cape Town, and I'm a gamer, or try to be one. The thing is, playing online is laggy. I'm paying R899 for mweb's 10mbps + R206 for Telkom's landline monthly and it just isn't enough, for starters, mweb sucks, according to online tests the speed is usually...
  3. R

    8ta towers in Claremont, CT area - Speed tests/log (Auto)

    Does anyone have an 8ta 60GB+60GB package that lives in the Claremont area (Cape Town)? I am looking at buying this package, but am hearing many of you are struggling with download speeds, etc. Would anyone who has this package in the area care to do me a massive favour and use this...
  4. K


    Hi Gents, 10min ago my ADSL dropped, router keeps trying to sync, it attempts and manges to sync for a couple of seconds then drops, so me thinks the Claremont Exchange must be having a problem as I don't see anybody working on the lines in our building. Anybody else in the Claremont area...
  5. K

    Claremont ADSL Exchange Offline

    I have been struggling to sync since Saturday afternoon 24th Jul, line sync holds for a while without making a connection to the internet (ie. authenticate my DSL username & password) then drops and continue to cycle like that. Only had time to get through to Telkom technical support today...
  6. medicnick83

    Cubana Rant!!!

    I want to share a story with you guys that some of you might find funny or others (like myself) might find disgusting! Anyways, today after work, myself and my girlfriend decide that we are going to do something, after a few minutes, we (actually I) decide, lets goto Cubana in Green Point. We...