1. Supersoaker

    Client wants to retain me

    Good evening everybody A client of mine asked me if I would consider being paid a retainer instead of me invoicing them every time they request my services, he did not give me a figure yet, he just asked me to think about it. Please keep in mind I am still studying but I foresee majority of it...
  2. M

    Altech Autopage Contact info

    Hi all, I'm hoping that someone on this site can provide me with information and solutions or at least contact information of an Altech Autopage Manager of some sorts. After logging numerous calls and having to go public on Hello Peter, again, there is an ongoing dispute with Autopage...
  3. Y

    Need Full WoW Cataclysm Client in PTA

    [deleted] [deleted]l
  4. S

    How to do backups for a large client?

    Hi. I'm just trying to gather advice, suggestions, comments, opinions, etc on how to do backups for a large client (40 PCs) The client is running Windows Server 2008 R2 x64, Pastel Partner, and they have a huge shared network folder (30GB) which contains subfolders for each department...
  5. M

    SEO for beginners - a summary for clients

    For those of us who are all too familiar with the client who asks: "how do I get to the top of SERPs" Glad I'm not the only one that has to endure this :)
  6. PseudZ


    Seems as if MXIT is finally updating their PC client which has been in beta forever. The client is so buggy, I hope they fix the problems.