1. K

    Comprehensive comparison of FTTH offerings?

    After seriously looking at all the FTTH offerings over the last week, I have come to realize that they are all very different. I'm still looking at it from my very narrow 'adsl mindset' where Telkom was the only infrastructure provider, and the ISP data portion gave you a little bit of flavor...
  2. S

    ISP Review Thread | Compare Your Experiences

    With the recent flood of posts regarding jumping ship and making a change, I found myself yelling "abandon ship" with the masses. Working from home means that like most here, we need stable internet services 24/7. That being said, I've had the "joy" of testing out 2 different ISP's as well as...
  3. S

    I need your help choosing

    Good... morning! So here's the deal. About a month ago I had a 2mbps Business Uncapped Bundle from Afrihost and it was great. I never has issues and my speed almost never dropped below 1.5mbps. I had to move to a new place where there was already internet so I then cancelled it. Now I'm...
  4. P

    Shaped and Throttled effectiveness

    I'm looking at different line speeds and was wondering how big of an impact shaping and throttling has on a line. If I compare the Afrihost prices for instance: 1Mbps Unshaped and Unthrottled vs 2Mbps Shaped and Throttled both cost the same. The same goes for the other line speeds. So which one...
  5. L

    How can i see other webpages' statistics?

    Was basically wondering how certain websites fared in terms of traffic (eg. a SA news site vs UK news site, etc) . So there are actually a few tools I found this : 10 Little-Known Ways to See How Much Traffic a Website Gets Cheers
  6. S

    Headphones question

    I just bought me the Sennheiser 558 headphones via OrangeMusic yesterday due to a lot of people on MyBroadband and other related websites recommend them for everything. My one friend asked me how they compare to cmstorms, corsairs and other related gaming headphones in terms of gaming- ie...
  7. R

    Deciding between two car.... need help

    I'm looking for a cheap car (<R100K) and just comparing all cars to make my final decision. The two car I am now stuck on (not as a final car) is the Ford Figo and the old Fiesta (similar shape to the Figo). How do those cars compare and which would you choose? (Please give a reason) Thanks
  8. Rouxenator

    Getting a new SX20 today - or should I have stuck with Kodak ?

    I went to the Kodak store in Paarl last Friday to make an A1 print and was surprised to see the Canon SX20 going for R3800 and even more surprised to see the Kodak Z981 going for R3300. Yes, its about that time of the year again for Canon to bring out a new SX model and I am sure the SX30 will...
  9. Rouxenator

    Shootout : Samsung Pixon12 (phone) VS Canon 350D (dSLR) and A620 (p&s))

    Pretty nice shootout on GSM arena with the arival of the second wide angle 28mm camera phone. As a long time Nokia fan I have to admit, the Pixon12 is miles ahead of the newly launched N86...
  10. C

    A comparative view of Soccer City against other FIFA World Cup Final stadiums

    Temples of the game 13 November 2008 Johannesburg’s Soccer City is set to become the biggest stadium to have ever held a FIFA World Cup final, with a seating capacity of 94 700. Whatever dramas unfold here on 11 July 2010 Soccer City can count itself as one of an elite group of stadiums to...
  11. Rouxenator

    iPhones VS the rest (lets have some fun!)

    A lot of action is going on with the imminent arrival of the long awaited and much touted Apple iPhone. Some love it, some hate it - others claim it converted them to the right side of life. Then there are those that are scared off after reading reviews of the iPhone and seeing the list of...
  12. T

    Call Costs from TELKOM to VOIP (July 2008+)

    This is straight from Telkom's website as of yesterday. A Minimum charge of 65c applies on all calls. Thereafter calls are billed per second. I have sorted the cost per minute, first for business hours, then for after hours. A1.6.1 Automatic calls to Neotel and VANS 7am-7pm...