coverage map

  1. GIGZ

    Vendor Neutral Map

    Hi There Is there such a thing as a vendor neutral, regularly updated, fibre coverage map that one can find online? If not, and you decide to create it, I need my share from you. ;)
  2. I

    Rain LTE Noordhoek

    Current maps show no coverage for Rain LTE in Noordhoek, but I am getting great signal, even indoors, at Lake Michelle. With a Huawei B618 router. Speeds of 20Mbps up and down which is better than most other areas I have used it in, most likely due to lack of congestion. Why can they not...
  3. M

    Cell C - no network, but signed up. Not impressed

    Late last year my mom was staying in Kommetjie. I was looking into mobile broadband options for her. Called her one day and she was in CellC @ Long Beach Mall busy signing up for a mobile broadband contract. I told her she needed to put it on hold so i could check which network provider...
  4. Olddude

    Misleading Telkom LTE advertising

    Hi, I live in a retirement village and a number of the residents moved from ADSL to the LTE offerings from Telkom because of the cost reduction, after a presentation by a Telkom rep. a) They were told by the Telkom store that there WAS Telkom LTE coverage and the Telkom coverage site does...
  5. F

    OpenServe Coverage Map

    Hi all, I've seen some posts online about this, but no details on how to proceed. OpenServe installed fiber in my Estate and I received confirmation from the PM that testing is successful and project is complete. The only step that has to take place now is the loading of the site to the...
  6. N

    Coverage map accuracy ?

    Was checking if i have LTE Coverage and saw that the sugar cane field like 100m from my house is covered , how accurate:confused: is the coverage map and will i be able to get LTE signal ?
  7. T

    3G coverage

    Hi, Can somebody from Vodacom give me the all criteria Vodacom uses to detemine the viabilty of a 3G network in a specific area? The reason to this question is an area called Jacobsdal/Modderrivier in the Northern Cape which is a booming farming and town community. I get numerous calls...
  8. S

    Now this is what I call a coverage map!

    Vodafone Malta's 3G coverage map. Such a breeze to make use of and its kinda cool how it just floats around. Not as detailed as our local versions, ie: entering of street names,etc. But its simple and effective I believe. Be sure to click on 3G on the top left ;)