1. M

    Fibre providers - Parklands

    Does anyone know which fibre providers are active in Thetford Road, Parklands? My body corporate is refusing to work with Frogfoot for some reason and Octotel says that this road falls outside of their network.
  2. Nobody Important

    La Mercy (KZN) - Rain mobile LTE coverage

    Are there any people on here that live in La Mercy and make use of the RAIN LTE network? How is your experience? The coverage map shows that La Mercy does receive coverage but I want to hear real user experiences too.
  3. JacquesOmeister

    False Fibre coverage advertising

    I see on a lot of ISP websites advertise there is Fibre coverage but then it is not true. ISP,s and OPENServe must change it to say no coverage. The only reason why they say coverage is so that you can send your contact details to them. This is totally a lie, you either have coverage or you...
  4. rapidblue

    Coverage: Rain Mobile vs Rain Fixed

    This might be a strange question - but does Rain use the same towers/coverage for their fixed and mobile offers? I have a Rain mobile SIM at home and works great! The Rain website even shows great coverage here at my house. When I look at the coverage for Rain fixed (like on Afrihost or...
  5. D

    SmartBroadband Wireless - Telkom Network Only or Roaming Too?

    Hi Are the SmartBroadband deals Telkom-network-only, or do they also use the 2G/3G roaming network (MTN?) as well? I'm just trying to establish how much coverage these deals can take advantage of (I move around so specifying a single location to check for a coverage check won't work, I need...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    Where are the places you receive the worst mobile data and/or call coverage?

    Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, and Telkom mobile users - where are the spots where you receive very poor/no signal? For example, when I was on Cell C there was a dead spot along the road running next to Eco Park in Centurion where calls always used to drop.
  7. S

    Coverage Map

    I'm having a problem viewing the coverage map, is the an alternative and by the way I'm using linux. :confused:
  8. G

    Florauna - Nina Park, Pretoria North / Telkom LTE SmartBroadband Uncapped Wireless !

    --- NOTE : this is for Pretoria North , Florauna , Nina Park , Akasia and Outlying ONLY !!! --- Hey Guys. Please register for uncapped broadband @ : If you don't mind to complete my Form / Survey as to provide proof to Telkom there is...
  9. S

    Full signal but fluctuating speeds?

    Good day fellow afrihoster's I bought the afrihost sim along with a 4G router and dongle to use for my online gaming needs because telkom sucks, basically I used to get low signal all the time but now I get 5 full bars but my speed tends to fluctuate alot. (Will post pics later) Should I buy...
  10. cobusv

    Who to choose!?!

    Hi Guys, i'm on a fact finding mission and who else to ask than the community... To make a long story short, basically i was on MTN for roughly 5 years till i moved and to my horrid surprise they had no coverage at my house, ended up letting me out of my contract and told me to move to...
  11. T

    DFA optical network in close proximity to my house.

    Hi, I recently noticed that a DFA optical line runs relatively close to my house. Problem is that I don't know which ISP owns that straight of fibre. My understanding is that DFA don't offer internet services. So I'm going to take a guess and say that Vodacom maybe owns it? But I'm still...
  12. B

    KMZ Coverage Maps

    Heya, Any word on a Google Earth KMZ or AfriGIS map for South African Mobile Operator Coverage? The coverage maps on each providers' websites are good and all, but does anyone know of an "All-in-One" location? Looking at plotting our sites on the maps and activating 3G or HSDPA layers, etc...
  13. R

    Mtn LTE Coverage

    Something really strange happened this morning - I picked up my phone and noticed I have LTE coverage. This is strange because I live in Estcourt, KZN - a small town. Only major SA places seem to have coverage from my experience; Durban/North Coast, JHB and Cape Town. I'm not complaining - just...
  14. C

    LTE Speeds in Noordwyk

    Hi I'm interested in that TelkomMobile 60Gb+60Gb bundle. I'm getting 5.68M speedtest using my Huawei 5331 HSPA mifi. Is this TelkomMobile data or all networks? I'm asking cos the test said "Hosted by Cellc" Acacia Street West
  15. K

    Best/affordable 3g for student

    Hi :) I am a newcomer to this page and also new to providing internet for myself lol. I am moving into a new flat (Stellenbosch) next year and looking for a efficient, yet affordable internet plan, since the university wifi does not cover the area. I am not that informed when it comes to...
  16. C

    MTN only got EDGE coverage?

    Hi does anyone else experience this problem with mtn im on the mtn uncapped lite package and since last night I only got EDGE coverage im in the Beaufort West, Laingsburg and Oudtshoorn District?
  17. R13...

    Cell C Tower in my neighbourhood

    So Cell C have for some reason located their tower on a water reservoir site in my area. Problem is that this thing is a couple of hundred metres or a kilometre (the area behind the tower is sweet **** all open space meaning half the signal is for the bush) in the middle of nowhere and only...
  18. R13...

    Cell C signal level

    So I was all excited at getting Giga 200 and I put my cell C (non-Giga) in my router and it flashes HSPA and shows a signal level of ~22%. But when I connect to the internet, it flips edge:wtf: Does Cell C even have edge on their own network?
  19. M

    8ta coverage in Paulshof and experiences thus far

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for some advice. I am keen on getting the Internet 5 Promo from 8ta. I have checked the website and it does show that Paulshof is in the coverage area. Anyone in Paulshof that has the 8ta deal and willing to share their experiences in regards to speed and...
  20. D

    How to check coverage of different carriers in your area [iPhone]

    I just wanted to let the forum know of a rather nifty app that I came across today... It's called "Cell Phone Coverage Map" and it allows to run a diagnostic of your 3G coverage and performace against other people in the arae. It will even show the different carriers performance if they are...