customer care

  1. S

    Telkom customer care all fired?

    Good day all, Wondering if anyone can direct me to a number that actually answers for customer care? Been trying all day only to be directed to the self help whatsapp. If I could help myself I wouldn't need to waste my time calling but oh well. More specifically somehow a welcome tone was...
  2. oros

    Mtn Momo issues

    And anyone tried registering and or using mtn momo? They're customer service line just plays music, no one answers, goes on for more than 12min until you hang up, it's a struggle to register and to get help from them.
  3. D

    StarSat - No Customer care!

    StarSat - How this company stays in business is a mystery to me. They don't reply to emails, and don't return their calls. Basically their (few remaining) customers are left to resolve issues on their own.
  4. M

    Home Cloud Solutions - Data Usage

    Well, this is a frustrating one. Ever since I signed up with Home Cloud (almost 2 years ago) they've never offered a straightforward solution to verify how much data I have used and I have remaining for the month. They've been saying "we're working on it", and they've given me unreliable methods...
  5. G

    Vodacom Requesting Roaming Customer Abroad to Re-RICA Vodacom number

    I am a Vodacom Prepaid customer currently abroad and using my Vodacom number on International Roaming. My number is RICA'd, and everything seemed peachy until this morning when I received this SMS from Vodacom (copy & paste): "Dear Valued Customer, to comply with RICA legislation please...
  6. NeonNinja

    Telkom Mobile Call Center/Customer Care Non-existent (Aug 2017)

    I waited forever to be connected to "the next available consultant".
  7. S

    Sales and Customer Care Administrator

    We are looking for a Customer Service and Sales Administrator position for a Telecommunications company based in Woodmead. The salary is negotiable but is dependent on the experience of the potential candidate. Please do not apply if you have not had at least 3 years experience in a similar or...
  8. A

    How to escalate Cell C 3G service and customer care failure - it's time for a refund!

    Dear all, If you are tired of waiting for Cell C customer care never to get back to you and/or not being able to restore a reasonable quality of 3G service (or any 3G service for that matter) that you have paid for then it's time to escalate. I am now taking my complaint to ICASA and the...
  9. S

    Vodacom - Last Resort

    Good Day All, I am posting this in the hopes that this will force vodacom to up their game in regards to their customer support as I would like to complain about the customer support except I can't complain about something that does not exist. Bascally in a nutshell I incured a bill of R1700+-...