customer experience

  1. S

    Having the WORST time with WebAfrica

    I've opened 4 tickets on the WebAfrica ticket system but I'm thinking of cancelling my line after the struggle I've been through. 2.5 weeks ago, my internet just stopped working. I called their call center and got the usual "we will look into it, please allow 3 days for resolution" BS that they...
  2. Joseph matane

    Misleading information from Vodacom official website

    hello everyone I just had bad experience from Vodacom, they market Vodacom Smart Kicka 4 as LTE smartphone: I called 082 1950 serval times the agents kept telling me; yes if the device is Android it does support LTE but that is not the case after buying the device the smartphone is pure H+...
  3. P

    Experience with, are they trustworthy?

    Hi everyone. As the title states has anybody had experience with They have a phone I would love to buy and they seem to be the only ones that have it in stock. The fact that they seem to have a physical shop is a good sign. I would really appreciate some...
  4. L

    Telkom Call Centre: Oy vey!

    I placed a web order for a mobile phone on 27 June 2016. The message I received on the form was the following: "To confirm and finalise the details of your order, a Telkom agent will be in touch. So be on the lookout for our call. If you would like to follow up on the status of your online...
  5. Napalm2880

    Don't order from BestBuy (USA)!

    Word of warning to any non-US customers. Don't expect any customer support from BestBuy. It all started upon ordering an MSI Laptop from BestBuy to be delivered to a friend of mine in the States. Here are some notes from my experience. --BestBuy offer a Paypal payment option. So I...
  6. medicnick83

    My MTN experience

    Hi all, So I want to share my experience with MTN and taking out a 'new' contract with them. So, a month ago, my girlfriend decides she wants to upgrade her 1 contract, goes to Canal Walk after chats to the Somerset Mall branch, we go there, chat to a consultant Bulalani and after say 20 to 30...
  7. jes

    Cell C Customer Experience Monitoring tool launched

    Cell C Customer Experience Monitoring tool launched Cell C partners with AIRCOM International to boost customer feedback and service improvement