cyber crime

  1. jes

    Iran accused of cyber-attacks on US banks

    Iran accused of cyber-attacks on US banks US financial institutions are being pounded with high-powered cyber attacks that some suspect are being orchestrated by Iran
  2. jes

    Top-10 list most-wanted hacker nabbed in Thailand

    Top-10 list most-wanted hacker nabbed in Thailand Thai police arrested an Algerian national on the US FBI top-10 wanted list for allegedly making millions from cybercrime
  3. J

    Man arrested for promoting UK government cyber attacks

    UK man arrested over government cyber attacks A man has been arrested following an investigation that he encouraged a cyber attack on the British Government
  4. QuintonB

    Cyberspace the future battlefield: Secretary of Defense

    Cyberspace the future battlefield Cyberspace is the battlefield of the future, with attackers already going after banks and other financial institutions and developing the ability to strike U.S. power grids and government systems, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Friday.
  5. QuintonB

    Websites reveal possible terrorist threats on NYC

    Possible Al Qaeda websites threaten attacks on NYC U.S. law enforcement and counterterrorism officials are trying to figure out the significance of recent occurrences on websites believed to have close links to al Qaeda, including a graphic some fear could be an attack threat directed at New...
  6. jes

    Phishing attacks in SA on the rise

    Phishing attacks in SA on the rise Kaspersky highlghts reports from the South African Banking Risk Information Centre that note an increase in phishing attacks
  7. V

    Web Genius Needed! How to link a person to a Telkom username? Let's nail a fraudster!

    We are having a serious issue with a fraudster posting real people's information on our website requesting quotations for a service that they no longer need. It is causing major issues for the businesses contacting these people and the people who's information has been stolen are getting very...
  8. rpm

    US moves to boost cybersecurity

    US boosts fight against cyber threats The Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security unveiled an agreement on Wednesday designed to boost cooperation in defending military and private computer networks from growing cyber threats.