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  1. ginggs

    3G Hardware: Customize your Huawei E220, etc

    Since we still don't have a section dedicated to 3G broadband hardware, I've been agonizing over which section to post this in. Eventually, I've decided to post this in the Vodacom forum, as it was here that the topic was first raised. After some speculation here and here, I've managed to...
  2. S

    Huawei Mobile Connect [HMC], Huawei Mobile Partner [HMP], Huawei E220

    Huawei Mobile connect software HI Is it possible to bypass the mobile connect software and not have to click connect everytime, or even better, make it dial without the software even opening at all. Thing is, we use third party software written in-house, that calls the RAS connection...
  3. ginggs

    MDMA [does Connection Management & USSD & Monitors Signal Strength - Windows]

    I wrote this software to show more information than the provided dashboard. Specifically I was looking for cell info (Cellular Broadcast Messages), signal strength (in more detail than 5 graphical bars) and to distinguish between GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA. I only intended this program to be a...
  4. V

    Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite [VMC-Lite] & Huawei E220