1. ToniO

    Voluntary liquidation of CC - questions

    Hi all I've been doing some research and am getting conflicting answers. Perhaps someone could help me? I am investigating voluntary liquidation due to the CC being unable to pay it's debt to SARS. SARS has not requested the liquidation. One article suggests that Another says: I don't...
  2. T

    Looking for advice on debt collection

    Hi , can anyone assist? I had an account that went into arrears. I have been paying the account for three years which was collected by a legal firm call centre. They have exorbitant charges so you don't want to call or email because they really charge you. As from November 2018. They have...
  3. D

    Late New Years Resolutions

    Good Morning Everyone, As a bit of a late 2018 new year's resolution, I have decided to use this year to downscale on unnecessary expenses in order to start saving up for a deposit on a house. I would love to hear what everyone else is doing in order to save money. Please share, there...
  4. B

    Personal Finance Blog

    If you're interested in personal finance topics, or just generally feeling stressed about money, check out this great local personal finance blog. :) Let me know what you think...
  5. P

    I owe a someone R12 500.00 which he is now filing for a lawsuit.

    Hi everyone! A month ago, a business associate gave me R5000.00 and I promised him to return it to him as R10 000.00 beginning of January, now we signed a contract and then it stipulated that I will pay R2500 extra if the money comes in later than 10 days. So the contract also stated that...
  6. T

    Debt Liability After Death of Spouse

    Hi, I would like some help on this. If my spouse passed away and has credit at various financial institutions, with no savings or investment under her name, would I be liable to settle her debt?
  7. H

    Had enough of the credit bureaus

    So I want to check if it's just me that is struggling with credit bureaus so much of late. Firstly, the credit scores are extremely inconsistent (I check on a daylie basis). And often it is reported much higher or lower depending on the day... surely this should not be the case as it's based on...
  8. H

    Leaving Debt Review, an Easy (ish) Guide.

    Good Day All!! First post, but I did feel it is pertinent that someone makes mention of it and I am sure there are many people under debt review who are in the same position as me, so here goes! Way back in 2012 I had the misfortune of being retrenched and being without a means of income for...
  9. T

    Settle credit card debt vs fixed saving

    Hi all, Plea: Please don't bash my financial decisions up to this point. I know some of the things I did wrong, especially the amount of credit card debt I currently have. This came through unforeseen spending while planning a wedding and honeymoon. I'm looking for suggestions and if you're...
  10. Foxhound5366

    Emigrating with debt in South Africa? Have you done it?

    The only difference I can see about having debt in South Africa and emigrating with debt still in South Africa is you're no longer in South Africa. It's been a long-held dream of mine to pay of all my debt and then head abroad, but I realise it's a stupid dream because I'm wasting time I...
  11. NeonNinja


    If it's older than 3 years and no legal action has been taken - Rescinded? Some guy claiming this.
  12. Ho3n3r

    Debt Consolidation: Help Me Stop Drowning

    I seriously need help now. Basically, I have a home loan of R621k (Standard), and a personal loan of R74k (ABSA), which covered the deposit, and a bit more. The house price was R690k. Now, before I started paying this, with the interest rate and the levy cost at the time, my salary was...
  13. E

    Easiest place/company to open an account

    Hi Guys, So I'm a 19 going on 20 year old girl, started working about a year ago. A few weeks ago I applied for a cellphone contract but was rejected as I have not had any debts/accounts previously. Today I applied for a Mr Price account but was almost immediately rejected. Do you guys...
  14. Inky1980

    Want to buy house, but I have a judgement against my name

    Hi all, I want to buy a house, but I have a judgement against my name for about 25k. I can't afford to settle this amount, but I can contact this company and make an arrangement. Will they remove the judgement for me if I arrange to pay it off? What are my options here?
  15. QuintonB

    Want to avoid debt? Get an e-tag, says Sanral

    E-tolls: credit act won’t give you debt relief Debt counsellors should inform their clients that the National Credit Act (NCA) does not allow for debt relief from e-tolling fees, the SA National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) said on Wednesday
  16. LazyLion

    Banks using Spy Cameras to reposses cars

    Hundreds of cars are being repossessed by agents employed by banks who drive around in unmarked cars with number plate recognition cameras mounted on top, the Star reported on Monday. According to the report banks and owners of the technology claimed they were acting within the law, but the...
  17. LazyLion

    Winnie's Art, Tea Set to be Auctioned

    Art, furniture and a silver tea-set belonging to ANC struggle icon Winnie Madikizela-Mandela will go under the hammer next week to repay a debt, it was reported on Tuesday. She defaulted on a R20,000 payment of accommodation fees to Abbotts College for her great niece Nobantu Vutela...
  18. D

    Voluntary Disclosure Problem - SARS

    Hi. I have a question on the Voluntary disclosure program offered by SARS. I have a small business that started trading in May 2011. It was relatively small for a while and I thought that it was below the taxable threshold. It has grown now to a turnover of about R60 000 - R70 000 a month...
  19. NeonNinja

    Consumers owe more than R1 trillion Explains all the flamboyancy. Wonder what percentage does vehicle finance have...
  20. G

    IMF's epic plan to conjure away debt and dethrone bankers Said paper