1. S

    How stubborn are you when it comes to going to the doctor/dentist?

    Thursday night Idiot proceeds to eat a chip wrong and gets stabbed in the gum. Friday morning Idiot feels a slight swelling and sensitivity around gum and tingle in back of throat. Starts rinsing mouth with saltwater every 2-3 hours. Friday night Idiot doesn't eat anything due to sore throat...
  2. M

    Does anyone know of good Orthodontists in Durban?

    Hi guys, Does anyone know of any good but affordable Orthodontist's in Durban? I don't mind going over budget if the Orthodontist is a reputable one.
  3. T

    Dentist Visit During Covid-19

    Are you allowed to visit the dentist during any of the Covid-19 Lockdown Levels for a check-up? (Non-emergency & non-surgery)
  4. S

    Dentist - What rate may they charge. Tooth in pain, what are my rights

    Went to Dr Karodia in Pinelands for a broken mercury filling (wanted a "safe" option to remove the amalgam & replace with white filling). Did not check his rate before the appointment, which was one hour. Once completed the receptionist informed me the filling cost R2,944 but if I pay CASH...
  5. G

    How do you completely mess up 2014?

    By getting told you need to have braces fitted (at the age of 26) and jaw surgery which medical aid do not pay for as its seen as "cosmetic"
  6. N

    Cheapest maxillofacial surgeon in Cape Town?

    Hi guys I need all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. The one surgeon I had a consultation with charges way too much and the medical aid I'm with is just a rip off. Can anyone advise me on the cheapest surgeon in Cape Town? Thanks in advance
  7. M

    CPT: Dentist accepting deferred payment

    Hi, I am looking for a dentist in CPT that anyone has experience with who is (a) good at his job and (b) would do it immediately and accept deferred payment of up to 4 weeks and (c) doesn't charge an arm and a leg. My situation is such that I am expecting payment from overseas for work done...
  8. d0b33

    Good affordable Dentist, cape town

    So I need to visit the dentist and have not done so in a few years :erm:, so how much would a few fillings and tooth extraction cost and which dentist would you recommend?
  9. D

    Good dentist in PTA that does not ask for payment upfront

    Anybody knows of a good dentist in Pretoria that claims directly from the medical aid, and don't demand upfront payment?
  10. V

    Your spending on non-essential health services

    Obama's US Health Reform is in the news getting slammed & a lot of South Africans don't know that a similar process is underway at home, namely the proposed National Health Insurance. Both are loosely based on the UK NHS, which despite its huge problems, guarantees quality health care to...
  11. M

    Dentist Dropped Tools Down Throat of Elderly Man - Twice

  12. M

    Man pulls out 13 of his own teeth with pliers because he couldn't find a dentist

    Brave or insane? Link