dns errors

  1. Mjc65


    Hi everyone, I'm currently with Axxess and I recently started playing around with some DNS servers (OpenDNS, Cloudlare, Quad9 etc) but for some reasons the connection tends to drop at random times for a few seconds. Has anyone else experienced this issue before?
  2. hongkongpom

    Big DNS problems this arvie 3pm to 4.30 in Joburg

    What happened to the DNS resolvers this arvie??? Started with major issues with my fibre company. Then noticed I couldn't even use my cell phone data (on a different network) as kept getting DNS problems! It's like the DNS went down for Joburg affecting multiple platforms!!!
  3. H

    DNS Related problems ?

    Hi all, Is anybody having problems connecting to Google.com or .co.za, gmail even facebook using MTN (MTN Online) with the following DNS IPs and ? Pinging works Pinging google.co.za does not work --> Invalid source route specified Pinging works...
  4. A

    Blacklisting of DNS on local DNS servers

    Let me start by saying I am not a DNS guru but I have been working with DNS for a long enough time to "think" I have a handle on this. The issue strated when I visited the IETF website at https://www.ietf.org. I got a certificate error and this made me suspicious. So I ran nslookup on...
  5. H

    VPS DNS resolution problem

    All our websites was moved to a VPS with cPanel solution from our Dedicated Server. The DNS configuration on the VPS was done so it uses the same DNS names as the previous Dedicated Server. This was done to avoid manually changing every domain's DNS record at the domain registrar. Previous...
  6. kronoSX

    major dns problems on VC

    I have wasted so much time and data trying to fix this. When i connect via dial up on windows 7 i can brows for a while and then i get page cant be found,the dns is not responding.When win7 checks for errors it says the dns is not responding. I then entered 2 ip addresses for this which i...